Even if I have been blogging a lot about the official website of the Land Transportation Office (LTO) Philippines, still many have mistaken other sites to be the real one. In view of helping Pinoys learn what the one and only real website was and always has been, here is a short post trying to reveal the information.

The LTO website is With this simple short information, I hope I may be able to help others find the right place with which to either ask or do driver’s license renewal, student license application, new driver’s license application, filing of lost license, motor vehicle or car registration renewal and more.

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  1. Geoff Says:


    The LTO website is not accessible?

    Is that possible to convert my expired student license to PRO? Or I have to renew it again as student and wait for another 6 months?


  2. ltophilippines Says:

    No, it’s not possible. If your student license is expired already, you will have to apply for another one. Make sure that within 1 week, you will have it upgraded to pro or non pro driver’s license.

  3. Ryell Says:

    Hello..Geoff is right the LTO website is inaccessible.

    I am now in Europe and would need some information from the LTO office with regards to my driver’s license. Would you have the approriate email address that I can send my queries?(via customer service?)


  4. derly conde relano Says:

    hello gud pm would like to ask how to apply for the additional restriction code for my drivers licence .its professional drivers licence but the code is 1 and i want to make it 123

  5. Bernados Says:

    i just wanna ask for help about my license it was expired more 6 years. i ask to LTO staff if i can still renew on it. she told me, yes and advice to have a medical and drugtest, after that i process to counter. the guy told me that my license was dormant.
    he told me to wait for 2 to 4 weeks.

    i need advices for this should i wait for this, cause thiers alot of fixers outside tell me that they can process for this a week.

  6. Josephine Says:

    I’m working abroad and I need international Driving License. Right now I have Student License but unfortunately its expired. I will be in Philippines for 1 week only, is it possibel to get the International License even my Student license is expired? How long it will take?

    Please advise.

    Thank you.

    Respectfully Yours,


  7. Josephine Says:

    I’m working abroad and I need international Driving License. Right now I have Student License but unfortunately its expired. I will be in Philippines for 1 week only, is it possibel to get the International License even my Student license is expired? How long it will take?

    Please advise.

    Thank you.

    Respectfully Yours,


  8. Bernados Joselito Says:

    Sir /Madam

    Good day
    Just wanna ask if how many days to process my license. it was on Request System Update (RSU) or Dormant rather
    its almost a week i been waiting.
    please help me , i really need to have this. i was a volunter before Deputized LTO at Ayala Center Cebu Mall.

  9. cesar francisco Says:

    Would like to know if one can register a car using a comprehensive car insurance policy instead of the third party liability insurance policy? Thank you for your immediate reply.

  10. Paul S Boon Says:

    LTO –

    I am inquiring about a couple of questions:
    1st question – I am a US National with a valid state-side Driver’s License. I’ll be in Santiago City for a month, will I be able to drive with my state-side Driver’s License?
    2nd question – I am purchasing an ATV Tamahawk 4-Wheeled vehicle from a gentlemen in Valenzuela City for personal use in and around Santiago City areas but of course no in the “Inner-City areas” and with the possibly of traveling to and from Ramon areas as well; is it legal to do that? If not then, can you please provide me with basic details of what areas I can or can not utilize this ATV 4-wheeled recreational vehicle?
    Thank you for taking the time to review my questions and any answers will be greatly appreciated.

  11. Sam C. Says:

    Hi LTO Philippines:
    (Yes, the LTO website seems to be eternally down)

    I have a valid PHI driver’s license. For USA car rentals (like, they sometimes require a “certification” from the LTO to show that I have no traffic violations or apprehensions. Do you know if the LTO provides something like that and how/where I could request for one?

  12. Andre Lee Says:

    Is the LTO has anything to do with this?

    Tricycle caused traffic along R. Papa LRT Station not to mention the number of private and PUV vehicles using the road. As well as the irritating noise from their engine.

    Is there anything to do with this?..Hope i’m not one of those concern citizens that after they let others heard in same matters. Messages are trashed to recycle bin.

    Thank you.


  13. Carl Says:

    Just to inquire what to do of my siezed Drivers license last May 2011.
    I tried to go to LTO QC main after a day of siezed for ‘swerving’ at upcoming to Magallanes bridge to EDSA as it was told by the officer but my license wasn’t there yet.
    I have left Quezon City to La Union and soon after leave Philippines the following day
    bound for Riyadh Saudi Arabia for work.
    My license card will expire next year of June and this coming April to June will be my family’s vacation and don’t know if my card is revoked or not.
    What are the penalties?

    Thanks and God bless.


  14. Vivian velasco Says:

    Can I used my bharain driving licence in Philippines? Im pilipino citizen working her in bharain for 7years. It is valid my licence t used

  15. Joel B. Perolina Says:

    I want to install rooftop cargo carrier in my car. Please advice me if it is ok or need to go LTO office to register the cargo carrier first.

  16. Mai Co Says:

    i would like to complain ur LTO Tayuman…. why? my husband renewed his non-pro license yesterday at SM Hypermart, Pasig City… He completed all the necessary requirements and test. Were just waiting for the release when one of the personnel their who assisted him said that SOMEONE ALREADY RENEWED LAST MARCH so he cannot process the renewal and he must go to Tayuman!!!! I dont think its a mistake because THEY CHANGE THE ADDRESS!!!! and as of now, my husband is still waiting at TAYUMAN and the person who received his papers wont comeback……….. THEY USE MY HUSBAND’S [email protected]!!!!!

    APPROVER ID NCR 100314

  17. bern Says:

    hi.. good day.. i would like to ask if i can still renew my drivers license even if its expired for almost 13 years? thank you and God bless you..

  18. frank Says:

    good morning,

    just wanna ask if i can renew my driver’s license while im here in abroad?

  19. Joseph Pinlac Says:

    Hello staff,
    I have got an european driving license , is my license(recognise) valid in the phils?

  20. malou Says:

    I am currently residing in denmark now and i wanted to change convert my driver’s license into danish driver’s license. I went to their office here and asked the requirements. Is it posible for me to have a copy of my old drivers licensed?Since i have just renewed my license?Or is it posible for you to give me a confirmation that i had my driver’s license before i came here in Denmark?.

  21. eric casabar Says:

    We have a doubt regarding SUV top carrier i would like to here from the side of LTO if this is allowed to installed in SUV, SEDAN etc. without approaching LTO dept. or Do we need to register separately this as well. is there any rules or policy for this carrier. also can you give me an item in LTO dept. saying that only tarpaulin, “tolda” are only allowed to use before traveling on the high-way, lots of high-way patrol are stopping us because we are using garterize net type using plastic to avoid dirt or water to stain our luggage they say garter net type with plastic is not allowed! is it true? High way patrol insist to take my brother in law license due to that reason unregistered top carrier and using garterized net with plastic cover inside. plaese can you help us clarify this matters. Thanks and God Bless we all know that we had lots of buwaya in our country please we should not tolerate this kind of matter

  22. Jay Says:


    Bakit hanggang ngayon di pa rin naayus ang website nyo??


  23. Carmela Santos Says:

    We were planning to buy a jeepney with prangkisa. As I check the CR it has a two plate number (previous plate and plate no.). I tried checking the plate numbers via 260 0 but unfortunately no record found. Is it possible that the vehicle is not registered and the CR is fake?


  24. kers Says:

    is this the new lto website? Im trying to access lto[dot]gov[dot]ph but it’s not accessible. Im searching for the updated list of traffic fines & penalties but couldnt find one, even if I google it.

    It’s very disappointing that we’re paying a lot of misc. computer fees on every transaction, but going online with every govt website is a real pain-in-the-*ss!

  25. Nel Says:

    May ire-request lang po ako. Kung pwede po ipa-seminar ang lahat ng drayber ng Private/Public Utility Vehicle na kung paano sila titigil kapag parating na ang tren pero walang barrier at meron namang crossing keeper, dahil marami na pong naaaksidente sa nangyaring yan.

  26. Jonel Says:

    I just wanna ask for help because I can’t renew and add a restriction to my license because they want me to present to them a receipt if I really got paid the violations of my motorcycle which impound before and that was 3 years ago… And my question is that…how can I get my motorcycle from their office if I didn’t paid for it ever since before? That was so unfair for my case because everything was settled and I paid more than 4thousand pesos for that and now they told me that I never paid for it? That amount is already a big amount for me and I really need to get and renew a license for me to have a job… Hoping for your positive response. Thanks…

  27. Ferdie Fernandez Says:

    Dear LTO,

    I am in the process of renewing my vehicle registration.Surprisingly, I was not able to register it easily like before.

    According to the LTO office in Espana Manila, it has a pending case/violation in Ilo Ilo .Two things, I never been/went to Ilo-Ilo with my car or me myself,second, I was abroad when the violation was commited(Sept.16,2011) and my car was in the garage on that date.

    I would like to ask for your assistance on how I can facilitate my registration without this hassles.Also, I fear that my plate number was “cloned” and I could be in serious trouble if the vehicle was use for any crimal act.

    Your immediate response will be highly appreciated.

    Thanks very much.

  28. rodel Says:

    good day… i have a yamaha crypton R motorcycle and its modified, where i can get the list of violation and its corresponding fines and penalties. I am really curious about my motorcycle possibly violates. thank you and more power.

  29. Celeste Canceran Says:

    Hi, I forgot some documents in the taxi that I rode back home from SM Marikina. I have the name of the taxi which is JJ PNB amd plate# TXK487. I need help to track this taxi so I can retrieve my documents. Thanks.

  30. Lope Gallana Says:

    Good Day po,

    Tanong ko lng po kung pwede ko ba magamit yung kuwait drivers license ko dyan sa pilipinas?wala akong philippines license(student, non-pro or pro), kung d ko magagamit ang license ko d2 sa kuwait pwede b akong mag apply ng license dyan sa pinas na d na dadaan sa student license?salamat po.hope to hear from asap.

  31. Lope Says:

    Can i use in the philippines my kuwait drivers license?if not, do i have to apply a student license in order for me to get a non-pro license?

  32. jojodabu Says:

    Good day to all, i recently purchased a UV made from pampanga, which the plate number is not been release of the lto San Fernando. i would like to ask, if it is possible to renew the vehicle registration to a different lto branch location from the original area of registration? eventhough the plate number was not yet release.

  33. LIN Says:

    how to get the student license permit? for foreigner? 16 yrs old. any requirements?


  34. juan Says:


  35. joseph Says:

    sir or maam matanung ko lng po about sa discount ng mga studyante katulad ko po may pinapatupad po ba kayo ng discount? ksi yung nasakayan ko po kahapon na PUJ ay nagbayad po ako ng tapos hindi po siya nagbibigay ng discount kahit sa mga matatanda, eto po yung kanyang plate no TWL 231

  36. kenneth jacob Says:

    hello… nirereklamo ko po ang LTO CALAPAN and LTO PINAMALAYAN…. santambak na colorumn vechicles… lagpasan lang sa mata ng mga LTO ENFORCER

  37. Totoy Concern Says:

    Wow, LTO websit is down. The tax is worth paying for! This is Philippines? Is it more fun?

  38. Dale Says:

    Hello, I have my philippine driver’s license with me. How can I know if when was my initial apply for my license?

  39. jane Says:

    Just want to ask how long do you release a plate number? Thanks

  40. jeyn Macasieb Says:

    matagal po ba talaga ang confirmation?meron po bang written result kung wala pong record?paano po ba ang madaling procedure para malaman ang status ng sasakyan?para po sa maitransfer na sa aking name. insurance agent po kc ang nag lalakad para sa akin kaya sabi nya sabi daw po sa isang Lto branch ‘fake’ daw po ung CR ng sasakyan. 3months napo wala pang result. need your help po . Thanks.

  41. Israel Alvarez Says:

    Good day LTO!

    Ask ko lang po if ever i want to purchase a scooter and it seems it is only 49cc, hindi na daw po ito dapat erihistro? totoo po ba yun? kasi may nagbebenta sa friend ko, shes worrying kasi baka takaw huli pero di naman lagi sa pangunahing kalye, if ever naman tatawid lang ito. kasi kung makukuha nya ito, shes willing to register naman to make it in legal way. Maraming salamat sa reply, inaasahan ko po ang inyong sagot or anyone can help about our questions. more power po sa LTO.

  42. charisse Says:

    I was driving at C5. Ugong pasig when I was cut by a speeding car coming from my right.instead of apologizing the driver of the said vehicle sped away but when we caught up on him due to a traffic jam near kalayaan makati he opened his window and did the dirty finger on me and cursed me .it was scary. I got his plate number. Where do I report this incident.thank you

  43. Monina Gosuico Says:

    Will it be possible for an LTO office to be open for the last day of registration, even if it falls on a Saturday?

  44. Dianne Says:

    I would like to inquire how long is the processing of change of ownership registration? My aunt bought a second hand car and on February, 2012 she contacted the dealer if the certificate has been issued already and the dealer said that she received already the certificate but she returned to LTO for the reason that the chassis number was wrong. For the past 3 weeks, she contacted again the dealer but until now she didn’t receive the corrected certificate. Please give me the telephone # of Mandaue City Field Office. I inquired the LTO here in our place and the examiner said the longest time is only 3 months for the change of ownership. But for the correction , I think it should be earlier for the certificate has been processed already and was returned only for the correction. Hoping for your early reply regarding this matter.

  45. Johnny Says:

    LTO,, pls. do not confiscate Driver License for traffic violation just issue a ticket, unlike MMDA policy no license confiscated, Driver License is a much important for government and private transactions. Hope you understand,,,

  46. Cesar Says:

    Greetings to LTO Philippines:
    I have Saudi Driving License and i use it and valid in uae,uk and US, qatar and kuwait, is my saudi license valid in Philippines?

  47. JON ROSETE Says:

    Is LTO having supply problems with vehicle plates. Its been 3 + months and I still dont have a plate number for my new vehicle purchased last March 2012

  48. nino agtarap Says:

    Kelan po ba maayos ang printer
    ng binan branch? Isang buwan na kc nakapending id ko dto

  49. eleine domingo Says:

    good day or night po sa LTO staffs,puwede po bang mahingi ang kontak LTO tunasan,pls salamat po :)

  50. eleine domingo Says:

    LTO tunasan muntinlupa po,pls

  51. nestor ilagan Says:

    Hi Sir/Madam,

    Good day! I would like to ask on how I can apply my new driver’s license. Yesterday, I lost my license near the Greenhills. When I came back to that place, I can’t find it anymore. When I check your website, it was not accessible for me to check the requirements or procedures for the applying of lost licence.

    Hope you could assist me on this problem.



  52. nestor ilagan Says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Good day! I would like to ask on how I can apply a new driver’s license. Yesterday, I lost my license near the Greenhills. When I came back to that place, I can’t find it anymore. When I check your website, it was not accessible for me to check the requirements or procedures for the applying of lost licence.

    Hope you could assist me on this problem.



  53. rjords Says:

    hello lto,
    nag bayad na po ako ng multa sa underage.1 month napo ala pa rin yung lisensiya ko.dito po ako nagbayad sa lto daet.

  54. rjords Says:

    ito po license no. ko EO1-90-009952 paki follow up lng po.tnx

  55. Kram Says:

    I don’t think this “LTO” website is useful at all. All this binch of uneducated morons do is slack while at work. Bunch of slackers! 8-8:30am, all these dorks do would be combing their hair, eat their breakfast. Well, I’m ranting yes, because I’m a tax payer. Anyway, i don’t see them moving up the ladder. I noticed 1 old slacking lady at LTO Sanjuan, near UERM hospital, way back late 90’s to early 2000 she is already an encoder, and guess what, after 12 years, she is still an encoder and she still has her annoying attitude towards interacting with people. I was a student back then. but now, I’m lucky to have moved up the corporate ladder as a Manager in a bank. One thing that those idiots lack is ownership of the situtation. Their team buidling budget goes to drinking spree sessions. That is why their brain cels are at to no par to a fifth grader.

  56. JR BALMES Says:


  57. JR BALMES Says:


  58. paulz tan Says:

    let me now the status of our XXT336 plate no. jeep..coz were have voliation at aritao region 2..and im aplying tto the LTO main…I

  59. paulz tan Says:

    any hotline that i can connect to lto main..thanks

  60. micheal Says:


    i have some questions about my case. my driver licenses was confiscate of the task force of lto last 2009 my violation is only not carried my OR CR. i go to the office to claim my driver license but the staff said that my license are not remitted. after 3 years i found my driver license to the other LTO office they said that i need to pay the sum of 4000 pesos its so hard for me cause it is very expensive my penalty…

    i only ask if how much my violation need to pay in the 3years penalty!!! and my rights as a person!! about this very hard problem!! please help me to find an answer!

  61. claire Says:

    I just want to know if my driver’s license here in Italy is also valid there in Philippines or do I need to take Philippines driver’s license? thanks fo your reply…

  62. Concern Citizen Says:

    It is possible sir, i did already… you know how? i paid the officer who handling my paper and injust a few hours i get my professional driving license without any hustle.

  63. jay Says:

    LTO website is down since yesterday and I would like to know if there is an addendum to the list of violation especially for side mirrors on motorcycles. thanks.

  64. gerri Says:

    i just got my drivers liscece and i found out that the birthdate is can i change it?

  65. Gerald Says:

    Nabiktima po ako ng Mapagsamantalang Konduktor ng Pascual Liner kanina na hindi po Nagbigay ng Sukli at ako pa ang lumabas na sinungaling.

  66. markiemark Says:

    Hi Carl,

    If you mentioned that the police has seized your driver license I believe that since 2009 or 2010 any traffic enforcer are not allowed to seized our licensed in order to avoid kotong, I believe they should have just issued a ticket due to your traffic violations, even after you went LTO QC and nobody had mentioned it to you that they are not allowed to seized any driving license the best solution is you talk to a lawyer and ask for a best opinion, it is better to know your rights before paying for the fine. I have been harassed by a police officer here in our place, i have all my documents with me and still they want to impound my newly purchase motorcycle, but because I know some of the traffic law that no traffic enforcer are allowed to impound your vehicle not unless you have gone to an accident, the police officer keep asking to take the keys and I still declined and told him I will call for a lawyer first after he heard those words he let me go. I’m not saying you have to be bitter with them but if you know your rights you can at least defend yourself. in your case ask for a lawyers advice though it will cause you less than 500 pesos but at least you are being aware of what is right and what is wrong.

  67. markiemark Says:


    As per new legistlation I believe if your license is expired more than 2 years you need to do a re-test and you need to pass this test, after you pass this test then you are good to go for renewing your license however please take note that there will be a penalty fine, and also you need to do the process at LTO Main.

  68. markiemark Says:


    When I converted my license to Singapore License I believe they have asked for my international license here in Philippines and a certificate from LTO, this certificate will proved about your driving records in Philippines and if im not mistaken I believe that LTO Main will forward this certificate to DFA for oversea certification. Better yet strongly advice to call the LTO Main for more information.

  69. markiemark Says:


    If you will be staying in Philippines for less than 60 days you can use it, however make sure you always bring your passport with you in order to show the traffic enforcer your date of arrival, unfortunately the LTO official website is down, because it will be great if you can print the section stating about the international driver license holder rights.

  70. markiemark Says:

    yes they do have, last time I check you need to ask this at LTO Main.

  71. markiemark Says:

    Don’t ask for help with those fixers, patience is a virtue my friend, you are still lucky that you don’t need to undergo any re-test as for your info, if drivers license expired more than 2 years you need to undergo the re-test. My advice wait for it.

  72. Okuyama Says:

    Gud afternun,is there any problem can occure if my ph.drvrs lcnse have a restrictions of 2and 4?because i was to change my ph.licnse to japanese license but they told me, why i have that two restrictions,and they did not give me a schedule to take the test just bec of that,i must ask LTO first about that,they said:(( what should i do:((

  73. isabel guibone Says:

    i already have a student’s permit. when can i upgrade it to non-pro? thanks

  74. isabel guibone Says:

    i already have a student’s permit. when can i upgrade it to non-pro? thanks

  75. Andrei Says:

    im really having a hard time deciphering my license number. its partially erased na kasi. pero my license expires on 2013 pa nmn. is there any chance that you have a record na i can access to see what my license number is? thanks.

  76. Marvin Says:

    Do i able to renew my student permit to pro. drivers liscense even i loss the permit and receipt?? my student permit is not expire yet..

    please help me..

    thanks and God Bless,

  77. mark reyes Says:

    sir,madam bakit po hanggang ngyon wl p ring resulta ung kaso ng plaka ko DO8924 honda nmy parehas n plaka 8924DO kawasaki pinagpspshan lng ako ng lto ncr,lto east pg ntwg ako ps s iba hnd dw cl nagbigay ng ibang ttwgn pg twgn mo hnd dw cl kanino ko b dapat ilapit ang problem ko sn po my sumagot nmn kc mlking abala n po

  78. Noel Says:

    I’m working in UAE, and my Prof. license was expired last 2010. I would like to ask if I can renew my license even if I’m here in abroad. Thanks.

  79. Noel Says:

    Hi, I have also same question like you. Did you get any info about this?

  80. Soy Says:


    I would just like to know if I can still renew a lost expired non-professional driver’s license or do I need to go back from scratch, as in re-apply for a student’s permit? My license has been expired for 2yrs. or so and got lost sometime last year. Due to super hectic schedule & monstrous workload, I can’t find time to get a new one. Now that I’m a bit loose at work, I am planning to apply for a new license. If it’s possible to renew my lost and expired license, what are the requirements and procedure?

    Hope to hear from you soonest. Thanks!

  81. valentin castro Says:

    why the bell helmet brand is not included in dti’s list? the bell brand has a dot sticker

  82. Wilbert Lalap Says:

    Dear LTO officer in-charge,

    I am working abroad and my license was expired 5 years ago. And I wanted to renew at the same time convert to International. Please advise how long will it take to process everything? I will be in manila next month and I’ll be staying for a week only and not sure if the week is not for me to process everything.


  83. rodel timbol Says:

    tanong ko lng po kung possible po bang mahuli ang registered vehicle at ticketan syang unregistered. august 2009 nkarehistro po pero nahuli sya sa lto ng sept 2009 ang kaso nya unregisterdered vehicle.

    w8 ko po reply nyo.. tnx

  84. Jefferson Rizo Says:

    nahuli ko last wednesday no helmet. provincial ordinance taga san jose del monte BUlacan ako. sa Malolos ko pa tutubusin ung lisensya ko at is it really P1,500 for a non helmet violation?

  85. Eriko lorenze M. Caliwag Says:

    Maam/ Sir,

    Good pm,
    what is the requirements for loss license?? how much???
    thanks and regards to all.

  86. jerricson alejo Says:

    good day ma’am/sir

    just want to ask i have my new motorcycle this February year 2012 and my plate number was issued after 1 month march year 2012, my question ma’am/sir ; my plate number ending is 0 (zero) and the sticker issued to me is 2012, kelan po ako ulit mag papa rehistro? first time ko po kasi kaya di ko alam kung wat year and month ang deadline ko.
    maraming salamat po.

  87. danilo quimco Says:

    can i ask how much is the approx. amount of renewal for registration of my car model 2000 TOYOTA REVO….thanks..

  88. Jeremy David Says:

    Is it possible to take an application of lost license to any LTO renewal center?

  89. chelsy Says:

    BEWARE of ms. reckles driver of plate no.WHT 508 … dakdakina kang tlga.. Ngmukha k tuloy illiterada kgbi… Pitty on your”husband?” having someone like you…. You’ll call an atty.? Don’t you have your own? Cno b nkbangga? db ikaw MS. RECKLES DRIVER NOT YOUR “HUSBAND”.. SO WHAT STATEMENT HE COULD GIVE IF HE’S not involve in the incident together with his 2 chiwawa boys.. The nerve to ask for a report from traffic enforcer for your insurance,e ayaw nyo nmn pumunta tau sa ofc nla for us to file complaint… Haayyyy!!..

  90. Bernard Mabida Says:

    ask ko lang po ung helmet ba kailangan meron tatak, pag wala po ba huhulihin nah…
    kanino pong pang tatak manggagaling kung sakali?
    san po area epektibo kung sakaling hindi pangkalahatan?
    dami po kcng kumakalat na balibalita na kailangan meron ng tatak galing LTO pag wala huhulihin ng MMDA. first offense daw eh P500 up to P10.000

    tnx po

  91. randy lustre Says:

    hi… Tanung ko lang po kung bakit hangang ngayon wla parin plate no. yung motor ko five months na poi mul;a nung nabili ko… sabi sa akin matagal na daw po yung two months…. ngayon sabi naman sa akin wla daw plate avialable sa LTO… ano po talaga ang totoo… sa LTO ba ang problema o sa dealer po nang motor ko… pki sagot po yung tanung ko para alam ko po yung gagawin ko… tnx Randy…

  92. Antonio A Habulan Says:

    May I know how long is the validity of the student driver’s permit? Thanks.

  93. Antonio A Habulan Says:

    Hello. May i know how long is the validity of the student driver’s permit? Thanks.

  94. eeyan Says:

    I also have a couple of questions for LTO personnel, but reading all this questions, I am only seeing 1 answer from LTO. Why is this site not being updated? There are people behind to do the task. I am a tax payer. I pay 5-6k a month for my tax and that goes to the Phil Government. Is this where my taxes go????!!!!

  95. jas flores Says:

    plate # TLC 886 toyota corolla red( me nakakabit na lost plate). di naka rehistro 2012. fake ang sticker di tugma sa dating rehistro. kaya ko nalaman binebenta nya sa kaibigan ko ang sasakyan di binili kasi fake documents pero malayang nakaka biyahe sa paliparan 1. maari nyo itong masubaybayan labas pasok ng san marino square paliparan 1 dasmarinas cavite. nananakot pa ang driver dati daw cyA brgy captain ng isang bayan sa cavite . mabilis magpa takbo. Sa malamang po expired ang driver’s license niyan.

    Sana aksiyonan dito kasi sa amin sa labasan ng san marino square me mga highway patrol hindi lang namin ho alam bakit di napapansin etong sasakyan na ito. pero yung mga tricycle po naman na di naka rehistro na bumibiyahe nahuhuli.

    tiwala po ako na inyo itong matutugunan.



  96. Jomar Solis Says:

    Is there any websites where you can check when the exact date of the license will expire. My friend lost his license.

  97. jeromebaloy Says:

    Nahuli po yung liscence ko (non pro), tpos d q po natubos kaagad, naexpired na po sa LTO liscence ko, tpos nwala p po yung ticket sa akin galing sa LTO na nakahuli s akin, ano po b gwin ko para mkuha uli liscense ko, salamat po.

  98. zorin diane salido Says:

    hi.. i would like to ask how much is the motorcycle renewal registration and the professional drivers license renewal?

  99. crisanto barizo Says:

    magkano po lahat ng fees sa change engine at re-stamping of chassis numbers

  100. dindo Says:

    elowww…panu poh ang process kapag di mo na reclaim license mo??nadakip kc me without helmet a moonth ago na….di ko kc na process nang ma aga???tnxxxx

  101. Corvi Says:

    Hello Staff,

    I just want to ask about the driving license of my father.Last April he took his student license then I want to know when he can apply for non-professional?As I know there is step by step process to take the professional license.

    Thanks & More Power,

  102. Karen Says:

    Hello! What if I moved and I want to change the address on my driver’s license, what do I need to do? What is the procedure for that? I got my license at the Diliman Branch. I’m still living in Quezon City, just a different area/district. I want to have it changed so when I register for the coming elections, it’s under the right district. Thank you!

  103. shiela Says:

    what is the exact speed limit in cagyan de oro ?

  104. shiela Says:

    what is the speed limit of a car in Cagayan De Oro City ?

  105. clark tuazon Says:

    hi isabel. i can help you. i have a friend inside l.t.o office,, txt me at 09173311311 thanks

  106. clark tuazon Says:

    hi bernados, txt me for your some questions, i assure you i can help you about your problem thanks 09173311311

  107. clark tuazon Says:

    yes madam you can renew it if you are in abroad, txt me so i can help you tnx 09173311311

  108. clark tuazon Says:

    magandang umaga po.. hnd po maari na hnd kayo kukuha ng student permit, salamat po

  109. clark tuazon Says:

    parents consent will be a requirements

  110. clark tuazon Says:

    hi,, saglit lng po ang pagttransfer ng name nyo if ever 2nd owner po kayo.. matagal na po ang 2 weeks.. txt me if you want my help thanks.. 09173311311

  111. gep Says:

    Please help, I need someone to help me with my concern. Last July 26, I went to LTO San Juan to get a license but failed to have one because of their printer. They told us to call their hot line number but no one is answering the phone. How can we know if our license is already done?

  112. ltophilippines Says:

    Ang speed limit po ay depende sa klase ng daanan o kalsada,,, usually kung subdivision po, 20 kph, kung tulay po ganun din, 20kph, kung hiway po ay as much as 100 kph while minimum sa hiway is 60kph. Sa regular na kalsada po ay depende din po gaya ng sa eskwelahan minsan 10kph lamang minsan naman ay 20 kph. sa national streets (hindi hiway) ay up to 60 kph ang iba while sometimes up to 65 kph. Gaya po ng sa Mall of Asia sa Manila sa Macapagal Boulevard po na 60 kph lamang po ang speed limit. Ngayon, yung iba pong mga national hiways as well as streets ay may nakapaskil po na speed limit, yun po ang max kapag nagmamaneho ka… otherwise, if you are on an emergency, you might be given a little consideration like yung mga ambulance, fire trucks, military convoy etc.

  113. karl Says:

    tanung lng po: magkano ang penalty kpag naklagay sa ticket mo is n5 ang violation?

  114. karl Says:

    pa up po sa tanung ko

  115. jeffery Says:

    Sir ! could It be possible to apply a drivers license trought email only.

  116. julita Says:

    Sir could it possible to apply drivers license online?

  117. jaymond olano Says:

    magkano po babayaran ko pag na pinarehistro ko ung motor ko 6 month n po ang delay ?

    Salamat po..

  118. jaymond olano Says:

    gud afternoon po magkano po babayaran ko pag pinarestro ko ung motor ko 6 month n pong delay last no. po kc plate no. is 1 ..thanks po

    paki sagut naman poh agad..salamat poh

  119. jerricson alejo Says:

    good day ma’am/sir

    just want to ask i have my new motorcycle this February year 2012 and my plate number was issued after 1 month march year 2012, my question ma’am/sir ; my plate number ending is 0 (zero) and the sticker issued to me is 2012, kelan po ako ulit mag papa rehistro? first time ko po kasi kaya di ko alam kung wat year and month ang deadline ko.
    maraming salamat po.

  120. eydi Says:

    if i already have a non pro license, but lost it 1.5 years ago. no time to get a new one. is it possible to get it replaced? or do i have to apply again for a non pro or worst student?

  121. jhon singueo Says:

    hi sir

    good day sir. ask ko lang po kung anu po gagawin pag nawala po ung lisensya accidentally ?? pano po ga gagawin para makakuha ulet.. hindi ko nman po alam ung license number nun lisensya ko..

  122. mabelle Says:

    HI! Is LTO Robinsons Metro East open today-August 10, 2012? Thanks!

  123. mae Says:

    hi sana mababasa to ng head ng lto..i just dont like the lto batangas treat the people applying for license nkakabastos at ang tataray ng mga evaluator..i dont think na ganun dapat ang way ng paghahandle ng working in a company that provides a quality customer service and the way they communicate with us bagsak na bagsak cla sa pakikipagcommunicate ng ayos. sobrang nakakadisappoint na nasabi silang nasa gobyerno walang manners nmn mga ngwowork..madami ng ngrereklamo sa pamamalakad ng lto dto sa batangas. at talaga po bang may cut off lang ang mga tinatanggap nilang applicant. ?

  124. clark tuazon Says:

    hi.. i can help you about your prob. txt me at 09173311311

  125. clark tuazon Says:

    yes sir.. call me at 09173311311 thanks..

  126. DFL Says:

    Hi… I have a valid Phil Driver’s License and I’m already out of the country(Phil). I need to get a driving certificate from LTO… Can anyone tell me how to apply for it Online? coz it’ll be hard and impractical to go back to the country and back again to where i’m at. thanks so much :)

  127. Mayumi Says:

    Good afternoon, I just want to ask how would I know if I have a fake license? One MMDA checked my license and told me it was fake. I waited for a long time from the beginning til end , did the Check-up, drug testing, signing, accomplishing of payments and also take my license at the same day. Shouldn’t MMDA officers be informed that the machine used at the time of suspension got some technical problems that would affect the design of license?

    Thank you.

  128. Cayets Gutang Says:

    Good day! I would like to know the requirements and process for car registration transfer from LTO San Juan to LTO Cebu City since I ‘m planning to ship out my car here in Metro Manila to Cebu City this August 2012. Also, I would like to know the timeline of the whole process. Thanks in advance.

  129. joel Says:

    can i renew my non pro drivers license even if i’m woking here abroad.if so, what are the requirements?

  130. Christine Mercado Says:

    we would like to know the contact details of LTO Muntinlupa office of the chief- Mr. Valerio. thanks

  131. Paulo Reyes Says:

    requirements for application from non-pro to pro?

  132. karina Says:

    im planning to buy a second hand car. but i need to know how can i check if the car has apprehension from lto or if it has been involved in any crime? or if it is carnapped? i would appreciate an immediate response.thank you

  133. kelvin Says:

    sir knina kc sa trapik may sumita skin na motorista din.akala nya kasi isisngit ko yung motor ko pero hindi kc masasabitan nga kotse na sabi skin wag ko daw isingit dun sabi ko OO sabi niya maya maya isisingit mo? sabay pakita ng baril huhugutin niya? tama ba yun?mali yata eto po plat number niya ZFY 962 black car po yan. di ko matandaan kung anung gumawa ng saskyan ata tas may sticker ng alpha kappa ro.. pahelp namn sir..gusto ko lng maturuan ng leksyon yun.salamat..inaagapan ko lng kc bka may mkasagutan pa siya at may mapatay pa.tnx

  134. pretty one Says:

    Student permit is valid for one year from date of issue, as stated on the permit. You can apply for a non-pro driver’s license after a month of driving with a student permit. To apply, you need to bring the student permit, a completely filled up Application Form for Driver’s License, a medical & drug test from accredited clinics (cost like P300). Bring these docus to the LTO Evaluator and wait for your name to be called for payment (around P400) and be ready for the written exam. If you pass the written exam, wait for your name to be called for the practical driving exam. You might wanna bring your own car for the prac driving test coz they might charge you like P100 for using their owner type jeep and for the gasoline you used for the driving test.

    TIP: you can ask for an English test paper coz normally they print out the questionnaires in Filipino (which i flunked once..hahaha) and they also provide sort of a reviewer during exams. Take note, fixers charge P1800 and above for a hassle free application. Don’t fall for that, you might end up having a fake license.

  135. Kate Says:

    Hi :) Please please Help me!! I don’t know where else should I ask this questions…
    I am foreign colleage student. I want to make motorcycle license.
    What are the requirements to make motorcycle license? (Documents,pictures,etc)
    And Is there any LTO in Sta.Rosa, Laguna so I can visit and make my license?
    Thank u XD

  136. Richard Says:

    hello! is it true that there is a new procedure for car registration renewal in which the car must be renewed in the branch where it was registered? i heard if from someone and i tried to search the information over the internet but found nothing. i live in Metro Manila. My car’s branch of registration is LTO Pampanga. i hope this is not true. if true, is there way i can renew without going there, let’s say asking the nearest lto branch or any 1 stop shop to do the job? or should i change the place of registration? how much will it cost me to change the place of reg? do i still have to bring the car to pampanga in this case? thank you!!!

  137. Ren Says:

    How many items or number of test the non pro test?

  138. Harry Says:


    I am planning to buy a vehicle. Is there a way to check if the car is “clean” just through its plate number?


  139. SHAWN Says:

    Gud evening.. Bakit ang LTO d nagrereply sa mga questions dito?

  140. confused gurl Says:

    good day..i just wanna ask if i can renew my driver’s license while im here in license is non-pro i hope u can help me coz my driver license is valid until SEPT 06 only and i need to change it soon.what will i do?thanks..waiting for your reply.

  141. confused gurl Says:

    hello po.ask ko lang po nakapagrenew na po ba kau ng license nyo?same lang po kase problem natin me also im here in abroad and need to renew my license.

  142. ana Says:

    panu mgparenew ng liscense khit nsa abroad, at kukuha ng drivers liscense?mgkanu byad?

  143. fherd catsuela Says:

    tanong co lng po.. ano po expiration month ng car co? ending plate “0”.. sbi c ng iba pede co p gamitin til dec.. “0” daw nmn is oct. to dec. tama po b un?? ala b acong penalty pag dec. n aco mag pa reg?

  144. RMG SNIPER Says:


  145. RMG SNIPER Says:

    Palagay ko randy, sa dealer ng motor mo ang problema.. ganyan talaga ang problema sa kanila. hihintayin muna nila na marami ang bibili ng motor para isang lakad na lang sa LTO. problema dyan pag nahuli ka kaw pa ang magbabayad sa violation, hinde sila. Dapat may action ang govt tungkol dito na sana di nila payagan ang mga dealer na ibinta ang motor na hinde naka rehistro. Dapat nakarihistro na bago nla ibinta.

  146. RMG SNIPER Says:

    hinde po LTO ang nagtatak. punta po kayo sa DTI sa inyong lugar para malagyan ng ICC sticker. Kailangan approved ng DTI ang quality ng helmet mo. wag ka magdala ng helmet doon na mahinang klase. O kaya bumili ka nalang ng helmet na may ICC logo na. Wag ka mag alala, ang alam ko till january 2013 pa ang deadline.

  147. janice Says:

    G00dm0rning, ask kuIang p0,an0 p0 ang requirments pagkumuha ng student Iicense?and h0w many m0nths bag0 ma reIease un?at an0 din din requirments pag n0n pr0?and h0w many mntha din bag0 makuha?saIamat,

  148. Gian Says:

    Hi, just wondering, I have a student permit now, do I have to wait a whole year for it to get changed to a non-pro license? or can I change to a non-pro license after a few months of having it?

  149. Shane Motilla Says:

    Hi! Gusto ko lang sana magtanong. kasi nagparehistro ako ng sasakyan i am a second owner ng sasakyan na yun. for 4 years okay naman ang pagpaparehistro ko ng sasakyan until now. Dahil ngayon pending pa din ang result ng vehicle registration ko. one month na ang pagaantay ko. so ibig sabihin may problema sa car ko. pero bakit ngayon lang napending ng ganito katagal yung sasakyan ko? Ano ba ang pwede kong gawin para malaman ang problema sa car koa t di pa nila nirerelease ang result ng vehicle registration ko?? Sana magresponse po kayo sa inquiry ko. Salamat.

  150. kayene Says:

    Good day,

    I just would like to ask if ever i change the of my car, how much is the fee for change of color in LTO and what are the requirements..


  151. Nikki Says:

    Saan po pwede makakuha ng no. of registered vehicles here in manila specifically divisoria and area near it? thanks. Godbless!

  152. JJ Tolentino Says:

    May question po ako. Kakabili ko lang ng Car nung April 2012. I Choose number “8” as end number. Pero ang problema ko po ngaun eh. ang binibigay sakin ng dealer ng sticker eh pang 2011 dahil wala daw advanced registration ang LTO. So intead of 2012 – 2013 – 2014 ang sticker ko eh magiging 2011 – 2012 – 2013 at dapat instead na 2015 pa ko papa renew ng plaka eh magiging 2014 na. parang nalugi ako sa ngyari. meron bang naka experience nito at may rule ba na ganito ang LTO? Salamat.

  153. Chad Murdoc Says:

    Hello, I have a question, is it possible to get a new student license, even though i used to have a Professional Drivers License? What happen was, it got confiscated and it’s been 4 years since that occurred. I’ve lost the ticket that was issued when it was confiscated and it’s just recently that i was given a chance to fix my drivers license.

  154. gereme erracho Says:

    paano po b pag nawala ang plate nmber ng mtrcycle ko yesterday?how to get a new one and ano process and fees?

  155. Emil Says:

    i was leaving in cavite and a commuter using a bus with lawton-ternate/maragondon route. one time i ask the bus driver if the other bus company have a prangkisa to operate? “he said no, they spend a lot of money to operate”. i know it’s illegal activities of the operator. if there’s accident happen can the government agency sue the operator? are they paying tax for their operations? i hope this will be resolve for so many commuter’s sake and for countries interest.

  156. trik Says:

    Where can I find the total number/population of tricycle drivers in Bacoor Cavite

  157. aljon sebuc Says:

    mga sir sa LTO LUCENA,,baka nmn gusto nyo manghuli ng mga colorum jan sa bayan ng LUCENA, SARIAYA,CANDELARIA,aba e kng lampasan nyo lng eh ganun n lng…my LAGAYAN ata ang mga colorum jan ah….Baka nmn gusto nyo ng AKSYUNAN HA……PLSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS LNG MGA SIR… WAG KYONG MAGPA2LOG 2LOG PLSSS LNG..ARAW ARAW KNG NKIKITA JAN ANG MGA COLORUM NA JEEP…AT KAHIT MAKSALUBONG NYO DEDMA LNG…ANO BA YANNNNNNNNNNNNNN

  158. concern citizen Says:

    hi , gusto kong ipagbigay alam sa inyo na isa sa terminal sa harap ng Binan Laguna Central may rutang expressway to Calamba Crossing ay may mga na pasada na colorum,unfairn naman yon sa mga jeep na patas ang pag byahe..minsan pa ay van ang gamit nila 2 van un..i hope u understand ang bawal poh ay bawal di ba?sana poh ay agad niyang matugunan..salamat

  159. alex perez Says:

    kung sino man po nakakakilala kay mr . roger espocia antal nakuha po namen ung licence nya . paki sabi nalang po sa kanya na tumawag sa # na to 09105858080 or mag text

  160. alex perez Says:

    nasamin po ung licence ni mr . roger antal paki kuha nalang po

  161. Cesar Gozon Says:

    My car registration has expired for 14 months now. I wanted to know how much is a penalty for an expired registration…. Thanks

  162. hans unger Says:

    i want to buy a motorcycle in Cagayan de Oro City. pls cn somebody tell me, how long it takes to get the PLATE from the LTO?
    in angeles city it takes 2 months, in Davao around 10 to 12 days.
    thanks for answer

  163. Halo Says:

    Good Day!

    Please implement disciplinary action to arrogant jeepney driver (plate # TVY 905-Blumentrit, manila) who were smoking while driving..He was mad when we cautioned him not to smoke, he said “sana sa aircon na pampasaherong sasakyan nalang kau sumakay kung ayaw nyong mausukan, kaya nga hindi ako ngpapasakay dito sa unahan pra hindi mausukan, pwede naman kayong bumaba kung ayaw nyo ng usok ng sigarilyo”.

    Hoping for your immediate action for this matter.

    Thank you and more power!

  164. sammy Says:

    Dear Sir / Madam;

    Good Evening! Currently Residing po ako sa UAE. Pwede po ba ako mag apply ng license sa pinas by just showing my License Here? Thank YOu Very Much

  165. Dora Says:

    Is it true that a driver with an expired license driving a vehicle with an expired registration can still continue to drive for as long as hindi sya nahuli ng pulis? Or pwedeng i-report ang mga ganito para turuan nyo ng leksyon.

    Email me where I can report this person. He gets away from the cops for traffic violations by showing the old WPD ID of his deceased ex-retired cop father. I can give you the details of his exact whereabouts.

  166. dhanz Says:

    To LTO
    hi ask k lng kung possible bng marenew un liscence k kc expired po siya ng more tha 2yrs whats the procedure and may penalty po bng babayadan

    tnx and godbless

  167. jayrick Says:

    pre lto dito sa iligan nga corrupt!!!!!!!
    magdadalawang buwan na ang resibo ng licence ko pero wala pa ang plastic!!!1
    tawag ako nang tawag pero ang sabi nila tawag ka nalng bukas!!!!1
    saan ba pwede mag reklamo para matuto ang mga taga iligan city na lto office?
    grabe dito pre lahat ng lto sa loob ay fixer

  168. JUNE SANTOS Says:

    hi! just wanted to know if there is LTO AIDE? are they legal ?and are they really part of LTO employee? is fixer and Aide are the same? here in Bulacan, Lto Guiguinto there are lots of aide that is so irritating(“hindi pa nila alam sadya mo sa lto kung ano ano na tanong..kung magpaparehistro?drugtest? etc…nakakainis lang bakit may ganun sa lto e may step by step naman sa board).. I think they are fixers!! napunta nako sa ibang LTO pero wala namang AIDE na nag eexist.. kung janitor sila bakit sobrang dami nila? kung guard naman di naman sila naka uniform ng pang guard..They are wearing polo shirt in different color,sometimes yellow,green and pink(uniform na may tatak na aide sa likod).. Are they allowed inside LTO? nakakadismaya! starting from the guard(bastos), may makakasalubong kang AIDE(nakakairita), employee( paki orient on what is the meaning of customer service, bastos, mababagal,masusungit),queuing time( ten years kang maghihintay).and they are asking for an SOP(para mapabilis daw transaction, meron ba talagang ganon)kaya di umunlad maraming bulok sa systema ng govt natin isa ang LTO dito. sana di lahat ng lto ganito.. sana mabigyan ng actions to. nasan na ang good public service?

  169. Xndro Says:

    Kindly check on someone (a fixer obviously) who claims to be working for an association (of fixers?!?). Take action for once! “Mga anay ng lipunan!”

  170. REKLAMADOR Says:

    BAKIT ba di maintindihan ng mga nagtatanong sa blog na to na di naman eto yung OFFICIAL na LTO Website? Ang totoong site ng LTO e lagi down kaya dapat dapat sila ang tanungan nyo mismo pag nag-up na uli website nila. For blogging lang eto kaya walang wenta na magreklamo kayo o magsabi ng mga hinaing nyo. Meron pa isa nagsasabi 5-6K taxes nya, at yung isa nagpost pa ng plate number ng sasakyan na nirereklamo nya at dapat daw aksyunan dito sa site na ito. Duh magbasa naman kayo …….

    Yung owner ng blog e mautak lang na ginamit yung LTOPhilippines bilang website name nya… kasi ang isa sa purpose naman nya bukod sa makatulong e maredirect yung web trapik sa site nya pag nag-Google ka about LTO. Marketing ploy yun pero helpful at informative naman yung site na ito kaya okay lang din.

  171. Carla Says:

    Good day! I lost my driver’s license last june 2012 and i havent reported it to LTO since then. It will also expire this January 2013. Can i report my lost driver’s license this september and apply for a renewal at the same time even though there are still 4 months before it expires? I would greatly appreciate your reply. Thanks!

  172. jhun besona Says:

    is LTO zabarte now online?yesterday pldt cable was stolen lto officer inform us… we waited for 4 hours yesterday..

  173. lenall Says:

    Good morning sir/maam,

    Nag rerenew po ako ng driving license non-prof to prof which is expired for 9 years.. tapos na po ako sa RSU.. then nagkaron po bigla ng problem sa records non- pro po kasi yung license card na hawak ko pero yung nasa record ng system ay prof.. almost 2 months ko na po kasi inaasikaso to… almost twice a week na akong tumatawag sa lto- binan laguna pero di parin naayos yung record… hihingi po sana ako ng advice or tulong para mapabilis yung process…

    Maraming salamat po…

  174. walieh Says:

    I would like to ask who is the owner of this motorcycle (YAMAHA). Here is the Plate number 9333 RO. The purpose of this is for us to verify if it is not illegal. Kasi ang father ko po ang nag papaverify kasi itong nasabing motorcycle na ito ay ibinibenta sa aking papa kaya nais lamang po namin na malaman kung hindi ito illegal. I hope that we will have a chance to know all about this motorcycle. Thank You Very much.

  175. Camille Gabrielle Says:

    hi. i would just like to ask if the discounts on jeepney fares are not valid on weekends. i’m a resident of Batangas and a college student, which obviously has classes on Saturdays. on weekdays, i pay 7php (discounted fare for students) but just this morning, i was asked to pay 8php (regular fare) by the jeepney driver while saying, “walang estudyante ‘pag sabado!” is there any written act or law with regards to this jeepney fares of students? thank you so much!

  176. Raph Says:

    Kung nakuhanan ka ng lisensiya pero hindi mo kayang puntahan ang redemption center, puwede bang magpakuha sa iba kung magpadala ng valid ID at authorization letter?

  177. deck v. Says:

    im here at antipolo..ask ko lang sana saan ako pwede magpa nonpro license ng student permit na malapit dito sa amin…ung LTO antipolo hinde daw nag process ng ganito? thanks and more power

  178. immanuel Says:

    Hi LTO Philippines!

    My motorcyle is now seven(7) months old but until now there’s no plate available.. I went to the Motorcycle dealer several times but I’m hearing the same music, still there’s “no plates available”..
    It’s it true that still there’s no plate available for such a long time?? How can I confirm that my Motorcycle is truly registered and that the motorcycle dealer is not fooling me around??

  179. ronie mahinay Says:

    the originals of the O.R. and C.R. including all the xeroxs of my car were lost and could not be recovered anymore despite efforts. what branch of LTO can i get a duplicate copy and what are the requirements if there are any.thanks for the reply

  180. Sarah Douglas Says:


    I am finding the LTO website inaccesible. I am trying to locate technical regulations regarding automotive vehicles and was wondering if someone would be able to help me?


  181. Johnny suyom Says:

    Hi lto philippines ask ko lng. Nagparenew ako rehistro ng oto ko. Then ndi pa pwede magparehistro kasi ndi raw inencode ung sticker number ng valenzuela lto branch. So pending ung renewal ko. Sa laloma ako ngaun nagpaparenew.. Baka pwede paimbestigahan ung mga ganyang issue.. Ndi nila ginagawa ung dapat nila gawin so kami namn tong naiistorbo. Update ko kau everyday kung ndi pa ok. 2 days ago na wala padin magandang resulta!

  182. Dominador S.dela cruz Says:

    please update the year model Plate-XFB669 MV File1312-247119 Eng-4d56-EQ5624 cha-V44-4026758 incorrect year model-1 correctyear model-2001

  183. Cris Says:

    I Think 3-4th times pa balik2x ako jan,at first @3:30pm cut-off daw sa pgkuha ng SP,2nd,sira daw ang printer and they advised bukas nlng daw.3rd,sira pa rin.4th,ganon pa rin.huhuhu..bakit ganon?na kaka disappoint.


    good day,

    I’ve lost my license last 2006, and have’nt retrieve it yet, should i get a new license?

    thanks for the response

  185. Vanessa Says:

    hi!!ask q lng po kung open po ang palinya ng jeep..crossing..mgkano po??tnx 4 d reply…god blesss.

  186. mark Paul Espinosa Says:

    hello gud morning i would like to know how much the renew of LTO license? already expired of may12 , 2012.. thnx and more power

  187. josy Says:

    guys just help me… what website na pwede ko ma check if my motorcycle regitered na sa LTO mag 2 months na peru wala pa rin plate number

  188. Abby Says:

    Hi. Just want to inquire why can we renew my license?
    Is there any way to renew our license specially for OFW like us.

  189. Michael Says:

    sir/mam tanong ko lang po mag kano po ba talaga tubos ng lisensya kapag nahuli po na no side mirror sa motor?

  190. Jefferson Esconde Villar Says:

    I lost my license,, and i want to duplicate my lost license… They need my License number, but i don’t know were to get it…hope you can help me for this,..thanks…

  191. Meyeen Dalisay Says:

    Dear LTO Phil.
    Is it possible to convert my vehicle from gas to diesel? Why the local LTO office cannot
    register my unit? Thanks for your quick reply. God bless!

  192. Meyeen Dalisay Says:

    Hi! good day! Is it possible to register the vehicle from gas to diesel? Why the local LTO can’t register? Thanks for your reply.

  193. Jerone Aguares Says:

    Good Day Sir! I would like to confirm if this car is legal or not. This car is green a
    kindly send the details to my email add:
    thank you very much!!!

  194. whelvin Says:

    who is regional director of region 12

  195. Christopher Wendell CAina Says:


    My license was seized 5 years ago along NAIA Airport when I sent off a relative abroad. I lost the OR and wasnt able to retrieve my license. (professional) I settled in the province days after the incident. What should I do and expect to have my license back? Thanks.

  196. Angel Raymundo Says:

    hi sir/madam, nahuli po yung husband sa expressway yesterday.,,ask ko lang po if how much violation ng obstruction yun po kasi ang nakalagay sa ticket lipa batangas nya pa pwede matubos..,pwede po sa lto east avenue na lang po pwede makuha?

  197. Karl Says:

    Is it possible to register a small sedan with a motorcycle’s engine(let say 250cc). the car’s body is retained(headlight, seatbelts, rear and side view mirrors, differentials, transmission box, etc). only the engine was change.

  198. Angela Raymundo Says:

    hi sir/madam, nconfiscate po yung driver’s license ng husband ko kahapon ng mahuli sya sa expressway.,obstruction po ang violation nya.,sabi po sa kanya ng enforcer sa lipa batangas pa nya pwde matubos ang much po ba kpag ang violation ay obstruction?..and pwede po ba sa lto main (east avenue) na lang nya matubos yung license kasi inconvenient para sa kanya kasi d2 sa manila mostly ang mga delivery nya.,baka matagalan pa sya sa pagbyahe papunta province..need your answer please…

  199. patrick betorin Says:

    bkt po pwn196 plate number ko pero 1996 model nman kotse ko …

  200. patrick betorin Says:

    dapat po dba u ang start ng plate ko?
    tanung ko lng po ..salamat

  201. Cynthia Pantaleon Says:

    Dear Sir,

    I would like to know the new website of LTO. I usually get useful information from your website, but unfortunately I can’t access it now.

    Thank you.

  202. Timothy Says:

    Dear lto,
    Gusto ko lng po pa check if ever may alarma yung plat no: thb737 toyota corola. Bayani santos po may ari. Ty ang more power. Pasig lto ung main nya tnx and more power

  203. Rk Says:

    Is it still valid if I will get a non pro license 1week before expiration of my student license? Thanks

  204. alexander benbinuto Says:

    hi lto,
    how long does it takes to change a lost plate? mine has been lost for more than 3 years, all docs and requirements have been submitted, but until now i have to go every month to lto paranaque to have this affidavit of loss signed and stamped by an lto officer there.

  205. Neil Bardos Says:

    Hi LTO,

    I don’t have a student license yet. Do I still have to get one even if im 26 years old? Hoping for you immediate response. Thanks!


  206. bryangorospe Says:

    totoo po ba na after one month mo na student license, pwede ka na mag non-pro.?plss help.

  207. Diane Says:

    Hi I’m residing in Australia and would be applying for my driver’s license soon. As my Philippine driver’s license is still valid, I will just need to convert it to an Australia driver’s license.
    However, I am required to submit a letter from the license issuing authority (on their letterhead) or from your relevant consulate or diplomatic office, confirming my license details, including the first issue date.. How can I obtain it? Thanks for your help! I appreciate it.

  208. erwin Says:

    sir expired po ang licence ko ng 2 years… tapos n wala p po kc baha kasma ung wallet ko …gusto k po e renew…ano po gagawin ko?????

  209. eric robin Says:

    there’s some error in my driver’s license regarding the spelling and the placement of my name is not in order. where can i possible renew or rename my license, what are the requirement and how much i would cost me? i need it ASAP! for my passport thank you

  210. eric robin Says:

    there’s some error in my driver’s license regarding the spelling and the placement of my name is not in order. where can i possible renew or rename my license, what are the requirement and how much i would cost me? pls reply ASAP thank you

  211. Rhoderic D. Paragas Says:

    To: LTO main office;
    Pakigising naman po itong LTO calamba. Aba ay nagbigay ng landline number pr matawagan sila, kasi po ay may problema daw system nila kaya di ma process ang license renewal ko ay OFW p naman ako na kailangan maayus ang license ko bago ako bumalik sa ibang bansa. Eto po try nyo tawagan ang number na ito area number zero four nine / 5022228. Natutulog sa pansitan ang mga kawani ng LTO calamba. Gusto pa yata ulit ma FAILON NGAYON.


  212. Marco Says:

    Sir, Mam good pm po, pls help me to trace a person address by his Plate no.,. He was a scammer and need to be penalized,.. This is his plate no. NOO 718 Jacob Barozo,.. Pls pls mam, sir,.. Thank you so much

  213. chi Says:

    Can we renew our LTO license on a saturday? What LTO offices or LTO kiosh offer this saturday renewal. Thanks!

  214. lysette Says:

    hi I’m from Bacolod, I have a student licence now when can I get my non pro licence? ty

  215. che Says:

    i will buy a second hand vehicle, where can i verify the plate?

  216. che Says:

    I will buy a a second hand car, where can i verify the plate? is it possible to verify on line? thanks!

  217. Rayan Soria Says:

    ask ko lang po kung anu restriction ng student driver license???

    Pwede ba akong mgtravel ng motorcycle from manila to Quezon province na student ang license ko?

    salamat ng marami.

  218. sasaki79 Says:

    me too…same problem…my phil.driver license have a restrictions of 1,2
    Japan menkyu center allow only Restriction 2.

    they said i should study (driving school) again….take as class to have a Japanese License

    Help Please LTO

  219. alestair Says:

    Good day! I need help. i lost my LTO receipt to get my license. What can i do to claim my license?

  220. Rene Says:

    I’ve put up my Mazda B2200 pickup for sale online. I do not know how to process the transaction. Is there any site where i can find a step by step instructional on how to sell cars in the Philippines legally? Thank you very much!

  221. Sparrow Says:

    Good day, I’ve got a big problem,when I purchase a multicab passenger type jeep in Roxas city Philtruck and it happens that the renewal of documents as OR should be done in the area where the unit had been issued commonly at Ipil City Mindanao..I want to extract a LTFRB franchise but not entertain by the LTO to change ownership (fully paid) since the unit came from part of Mindanao. I request the help of Philtruck to issue a letter for exception but LTO denied it. Im a residence of Roxas city and the unit was already paid and to be change of ownership but LTO Roxas are hard enough to accept the bias behavior of that agency. How can I apply for franchise if LTO would not accept my application to change ownership?, if there’s a misunderstanding between the philtruck and LTO the buyer should not be put into trouble as everything are well documented and legally purchased. Kindly gave me some ideas and tips to deal with this problem..Thanks and have a good day..

  222. conijane tasani Says:

    Magrenew sana po aq pero my nakita sa computer na
    Penalty ko,unregistered daw po ako nung april 7; ung register q po september 2010-sept2011.nasa akin po lahat ng aking plate mga papel ko.sinisingil po ako tama po ba un?

  223. jane Says:

    Ung mga abusado na lto dyn.sana nman maglagay kau ng tama dyn sa mga computer kz kawawa namn ung mga nagbabayad ng penalty na hindi nmn nla penalty.hindi po pinupulot ang pera pinaghihirapan po

  224. vince Says:

    Good day! ask ko lang po kng magkano babayaran ko sa reckless driving and beating the red light? tsaka po 2 yrs. 4 months ko na pong di nakukuha license ko expired na po sya non august 1, 2012 pa.. kailangan ko pa bang kunin un at magparenew? nasakin pa po ung receipt ng license ko…

    maraming salamat po.. God Bless

  225. flor Says:

    good evening.. i just wanna know kung how long inaaus ung papers and plate number ng motor na binili in cash .. magto2 months na po kasi wla pa.. so hindi nmin magamit ung motor sa trabaho ksi mahuhuli kami lalo na di ka palalagpasin pag di mu sila binigyan (you know what i mean).. nagttaka din po ako bkit dun sa hulugan na motor wla mang two months or even a month andyan na ung plate number. .. Sana po matulungan niyo ako :)

  226. BER Says:


  227. bebie Says:

    hi LTO , I just want to ask if there are something you can do about the releasing of fake driver’s license.

  228. Deodato A. Boneo Says:

    I would like to ask regarding my student permit because its been expired this coming october12 , for 1/month, what should I do, to renew it to non-pro,
    how much is the cost , so that I have an idea , and where to be filed , can I do it to branches like mall’s , or at designated office of LTO only .
    also we our CAR was still don’t have a plate number till now we bought that Aug. 25,
    but I have a photo copy only of O.R CR , given by the car dealer , when is the actual
    plate would be available.

  229. carlo dela cruz Says:

    hi lto! ask ko lang po kung bakit ang tagal ng plate ng sasakyan ko? kasi po mag seseven month na yung sasakyan ko ala pa rin yung plate! ano po ba ang problema kung bakit hanggang ngayon ala pa po yung plate? yun lang po salamat lto!!

  230. cheryl atilano Says:

    hello tanong ko lang po i lost my driver’s license last oct. 3 2012..paano ako kukuha ulit nang driver’s license anong gawin ko?….thankz

  231. cheryl atilano Says:

    maaring kayong tumawag sa akin sa 09333111975…sa m bacalso ,,cebu ako kumoha po..

  232. [email protected] Says:

    lto website, can’t be access… f****k *****u…

  233. Ann Says:


    I’m wondering if there is a website where I can check if my licence has pending traffic violaton tickets that need to be paid? If there’s none, can I get the office address or the contact number of the government agency where I can check? Appreciate your answer thanks!

  234. christ novem Says:

    LTO Palawan Info sabi kailangan ko ng drug test then tinuro ako sa mga tao sa labas na nakatambay tapos nagfill-up ako then after nun pumunta kami sa drug test clinic tapos iniwanan na ako pagka-test sa akin tanong ko kung magkano sabi 500… 300 for drugtest and 200 for medical… sabi ko wala akong dinaanan na medical hindi nga ako na BP nila. sa tingin ko hindi po dapat ganun… paki check po ito di po maganda ang exercise na ito. salamat po ng marami kung magagawa po ninyo ito ng paraan.

  235. Zeus Says:

    Nag renew ako ng Licence ko kanina sa LTO Sabang Dasmarinas Cavite…..Ang ganda ng naka paskil sa Bulletin board na mabilis ang proseso at aabutin lamang ng less than an hour….. Sabagay medyo malapit na rin sa katotohanan…..Inabot lang naman ako ng almost 6 hours bago ko finally nakuha ang Temporary License….Sira daw kasi ang Laminator nila kaya mga a month pa daw bago magawa……Sayang na naman ang isang araw na mawawala at ang gasolina para sadyain ulit sila….. Wala bang pera ang LTO para makabili ng ganung equipment o mapaayos man lang sana agad pag na down ito….. Paki silip nyo itong branch nyo….. wala kasing fixer meaning alang kita kaya baka tinatamad ang mga tao dito dahil sobrang bagal talaga…….. Sana magbago na kayo ng sistema nyo…..

  236. Antigong kalasag Says:

    TCO-630 color of vehicle WHITE type of vehicle XUV CROSSWIND made of ISUZU sis/mam delikado po 2ng sasakyan nah 2 sa kalsada nanunutok ng baril po yung Driver na ito ang sabi ng mga ibang ganun daw po talaga yun mayabang at arogante sa kalsada daw yung tao na yon isa ako mga naging biktima nya hnd ko alam kung pulis o ano katungkulan nya sa gobyerno kung bkt sya may dalang baril

  237. Nancy Canete Says:

    Query lang po ito. May red plate vehicle po kasing nakapark sa street namin na lagpas isang linggo na.
    Ito po ang plate number SHY 459 Starex Black.
    Nakapark sa tapat ng 96 Don Victorino Street, Don Antonio Heights Subdivision, Brgy. Holy Spirit, Q.C.
    Nag-aalala lang po ako at baka carnapped or ma-carnap kung magtatagal pa, kasi nakapark lang sa tapat ng vacant lot.
    Pa-check na lang po. Thank you.

  238. renante sy Says:

    i lost my motorcylcle plate no TY 5386 in pasig engine no. KC125EBL7863 chasis no.KC125BL7863. pwedi ba pa hold nito in case me mag renew o chnage ownership. cp ko 09123074462

  239. Joey Says:

    wag nyo sana hulihin ng colorum ang mga trucking na may lehitimong business permit… nag babayad kmi sa gobyerno ng tax bawat deliver. tapos papakuha nyo pa kami ng ltfrb… double kill ang ginagawa ng lto sa mga truckers… sana mapag aralan nyo itong problema….iba ang trucking sa mga pang pasada….lumalabas lang ang truck pag may deliver hndi katulad ng mga jeep na ikot lng ng ikot…

  240. jason Says:

    is LTO office is open during saturday?

  241. demie Says:

    sana meron din updated na total number na rehistradong motor annually

  242. sean Says:

    ask ko lang po, is there any way possible to know po ang record ng isang sasakyan? kung my violations etc etc. kse po we are trying to buy a second hand car, gusto ko lang po malaman kung my record po ba ito sa lto na violations.

  243. jeff Says:

    ask co lang po bkt hangang ngayon stil temporary licence parin 9months na 2 hangang ngaun wla pa ang plastic co . Jeffry Remigio po name co

  244. joseph garan Says:

    I think you should wonder now and that your suspiscion would be right since no reply has been made…even this electronic system is just a show or cover ups….thus this mean that their silence means YES?
    Pls. Reply too….

  245. Apple Says:

    Hi! I just want to inquire regarding the procedure on how to obtain a new license id because i lost mine 4 yrs. ago. Since it passed 4 yrs. I was not able to file for a replacement and also not able to renew it what is the best way for me to do and how much will it cost me for the replacement. Thank you very much and more power

  246. berenger Says:


  247. ricky Says:

    Can I process my non-prof driver’s license and Car Registration Renewal on Oct. 31, 2012 aroound 1:00PM onwards?

  248. mai Says:

    around 9:45 am nov 4, 2012 sumakay kami don antonio commonwealth sa jeep byaheng almar-fairview with plate number PXA 869 ang driver naka headset kailangan pa sigawan ng malakas para madinig kung bababa na ang pasahero at mabilis pa sya magmaneho eto mismo naranasan namin: kailangan ba naka headset habang nag mamaneho in public uility? sana para maiwasan ng aksidente sa kalsada sana makaabot pansin sa kinauukulan maraming salamat….

  249. Frenchie Pie Says:

    Hi! The Official LTO website doesn’t work. I just want to inquire lang sana if you need a certificate from your Regional Office (where you first got your Driving License), do you have to travel all the way to Manila to the Head Office for that? I thought that all government offices are now DECENTRALIZED to make all processing faster? Bakit kelangan ko pa bumyahe sa Manila when I got my License in Mindanao? I just need the Licensing Department Head to give me a Certificate kung kelan nila ako first nabigyan ng Licensya kasi hindi yan sinusulat sa License Card natin kung kelan tayo first nagkaroon ng licensya. Pangalawa, Kelangan ko lang na e-certify ako na mabuti akong driver at wala pa akong infraction ever. Yun lang po, simple lang. Pero I have to travel for that to Manila? Really? How cool is that!

  250. rachel Says:

    if the drivers license was issued as suspension for 3months is there any way to stop that suspension???thank u and hoping for ur reply

  251. richard Lucero Says:

    can you help me to trace the owner and address of these plate number XYH 962 this plate number hit my motor cycle along commonwealth near ever gotesco commonwealth
    and run from me.. unfortunately i did not my any blotter from police. i hope anyone cn help me.

  252. Hernie A. Palomo Says:

    1 year na yong application ko for professional drivers license pero until now hindi pa rin ma release dahil na RSU at hindi pa daw nag reply and central office ng lto, nag apply ako ng license ko dito sa ipil, zamboanga sibugay.sana matulungan nyo ako na apektohan na yong trabaho ko.

  253. rommel camlian Says:

    Bakit ganito parin ang system ng LTO kala ko updated na bulok parin pala ….. am renewing my license here sa FTI LTO …i was here at 10 am now its 12.30 na wala parin ……so meaning after lunch time na ang tapos nito kasi wala na tao sa counter nila 11.30 pala lang they stop working na , lunch break na ata ang aga naman, di ba pwede mag shipting ang gov . office para naman mabilis ang process ng mg papers ….

  254. kolin Says:

    pwede poh buh parusahan yung mga driver na di marungon magbalik ng sukli sa mga estudynte kasi wala kasi silang pakialam eh sana pansinin ninyo tong comment ko kasi ako po ay isa sa mga estuyante na pagsumasakay ng jeep di na sinusuli ang sukli tapos pagkukunin mo na ang suki galit pa sila .. thank you po ..

  255. Hernie A. Palomo Says:

    pakitulong po 1 year na ang application ko for professional drivers license for until now hindi pa rin lumabas dahil na RSU daw sabi ng taga lto office dito sa amin.baka matulungan nyo ako na magpaloap dyan sa lto central office dahil naapektohan na ang hanapbuhay ko. thanks

  256. alfred Says:

    nahuli po ako nag mamaneho ng company car. ala po akong license kinuha po ung plate number ng sasakyan, anu po gagawin para mabawi ung plate number at magkano penalty? Maraming salamat po.

  257. ROn Says:

    i have my student permit, but it was recently expired 2 and a half months ago. . would it still be possible if i can process for non-professional driving license?. . on query. . .tsk3. really need the driving license on NOV. 25,2012. :(

  258. Cristilito P Marcojos Says:

    I am Cristilito P. Marcojos. I have an expired professional drivers license. I was not able to renew this on my birth date in 2010 due to the fact that I left to the US in 2009. I got my Hawaii Drivers License with date of expiration in 2019. Now, I am in the Philippines and will stay here longer. I was informed by the local LTO in Maasin City, So. Leyte that I need to attend a seminar as per requirement by the rules of LTO. I am not against of attending the seminar but I raised this as a question to the local officials of LTO Maasin considering that I continue to drive while I was in Hawaii, USA and “maybe” the reason for requiring the applicant to attend the seminar is, he/she has not drive for the last 2 years, while I continue to drive. I even presented my Hawaii Driver’s License. Again, I will attend the seminar required but I am questioning the rationale why I need to attend the seminar again. Somebody should evaluate the necessity to attend the seminar. I would like to highlight the attitude of Asst. Head Marques of LTO Maasin. He needs to understand and act like a professional in handling complaints from clients/customers. He should not scold me. Me? I am a taxpayer and I deserve a good treatment. Asst. Head Marques gets his salary from the taxpayers. I only need a nice answer from him instead of instigating my temperament. Kindly expose him how to handle customers/clients/civilians specially those concern in improving the process. He is still in the old school.

  259. Lynn Batoon Says:

    1st question motor ng asawa ko installment sa bangko, at namatay siya, kanino dapat mapunta ang motor? Hindi pa full payment ang motor.
    2nd wala akong makitang CR naregistered ko this year pero nahuli ang anak ko refuse to show CR, compiskado license. Makakuha ba ako ng Copy ng CR from your office as a wife?
    3rd saan ako pupunta upang maayos at mailipat into my name. Do I have to pay in full? Thankyou for your complete reply.

  260. rey macapagal Says:

    ang tgal lumabas ng plate registration ng motor q cno b ang my probleme ung agency or lto

  261. Elizabeth Says:

    try this out mates

  262. ma.belinda b. alejandro Says:

    Guys, need your help (esp. sa mga connected sa LTO). Kanina lang around 9 pm sa Ever Gotesco Commonwealth Novaliches bound, habang nagcruising kami ng kumander ko pauwi galing probinsya, may biglang mabilis na REVO na puti na may red plate number na SEV-681 galing sa likuran namin at nagcut bigla sa min. Nasa 55 kph ang takbo namin and siya siguro nasa 90kph. pagewanggewang siya and mga 4 na beses muntik mabangga, mala ahas magmaneho. hinayaan na lang namin kasi baka pagod na galing sa biyahe din at nagmamadaling umuwi. so ayun, tuloy lang kami, hanggang umabot kami sa West Fairview area, napansin ko uli yung pagewang gewang na takbo, pero hindi ko alam kung anong sasakyan, this time mabagal lang siya, tapos panay preno and biglang hahataw, tapos preno uli. tutok and cut sa mga jeep and bus, kasi dun siya sa bus lane nagbabad. naabutan namin, nang biglang kinarera niya yung jeep tapos nagswerve ng 3 lanes from the outside. halos matamaan niya kami sa passenger side, tapos nagwala na naman sa pagmamaneho, this time inovertakean ko na siya and nagbagal ako sa harap niya, just to show him im pissed, pero nagharurot pa din siya and sinubukan ako overtake-an. tapos muntik niya na masapul yung puting adventure at erratic na naman driving niya, inunahan ko uli and binagalan ko lang takbo sa harap niya hanggang sa northfairview area, kaso may sa demonyo talaga magmaneho hindi ko na naabutan kasi malupit magsisingit at mangitgit. gusto ko lang sana malaman kung anong ahensya ng gobyerno nakarehistro yang sasakyan na yan at irereklamo ko lang sa kinauukulan, nang maparusahan. Linggo ng gabi at govt. vehicle, tapos reckless and drunk driving = corruption.

    Ulitin ko po, REVO na puti, plate number SEV 681, tutuluyan ko lang po. Salamat po.

  263. roberto s. zolayvar Says:

    OFW po ako and presently holder of an expired Professional driver’ license. Because of the nature of my work in abroad and the short period of stay ko dito whenever i have my vacation ay hindi ko na renew ang license ko na nag expired since oct. 22 2006. Paanu ko po ba ma renew ito now that I am planning to stay for good na here in our place. please advice.

  264. John Michael R. Dellosa Says:


    gud day…. is it true that RUSI motor cycles ay hindi na pwedeng maregister sa susunod na taon?

  265. Raquel Says:


    i need to use my car on my car’s ban day on January 15, Tuesday…how can i seek exemption for that day?


  266. emily Says:

    Gudpm! I just want to know if you have job opportunities and how to apply?

  267. abie Says:

    hi LTO! nahuli kc yung asawa ko last 2011 sa las piñas dhil ndi nkarehistro ang gamit nyang kotse,,knuha at license nya at until now ay hindi nya pa ito natutubos dhil pang gabi sya sa trabaho ng expire na yung license nya this Nov at plano nya na sna tubusin ang license nya pra ma-renew na nya..saan po pa ito tutubusin at magkno?!slamat
    hope to hear from you very soon!

  268. Jake Intong Says:


    Gusto ko lang itanong tungkol sa plate number ng kotse ko na hanggang ngayon ay wala pa rin. NoongJune pa ang innova ko at 5 months na wala pa ang plate number. Totoo ba na matagal ang release ng plate ngayon? At may inissue ang Toyota sa akin na photo copy ng OR/CR ( name ng Toyota ) pero walang plate number nakalagay. Ayon sa agent ko wala pa daw talaga ang number saka na lang daw paglabas ng plate. Pwede ba akong mag request ng temporary plate?


  269. denver Says:

    Paano ko po ba mlalaman kng carnap o my bad record ung mabibili
    nmin second hand car, ano pong tip maibibigay nyo,,,
    thanks po…

  270. Jess M Says:

    Oo nga po, tama po ba na hindi na tatanggapin yung mga Rusi motor dahil natalo sila sa kaso.. ano na pong mangyayari nyan sa mga nakaregister na.??


    gud pm po,ttnong ko lng po,expired npo ksi yng non pro licences ko ntong dec 1,2012 po,buntis po ksi ako mag 7 mnths npo,andto po ako sa japan,hndi po ksi ako mkkauwi dhl maselan po ang pagbubuntis ko,gngmt kpo ksi ngyn dto internl licences,pag nag expired npo yng non profesional licence ko expired na dn po yng intnl licences ko dba,tnong ko lng po kng pwede po ba magrenew ng licences, kht po wla po ako dyn sa phil?pls rply po,salamat po,,.

  272. aljon sebuc Says:

    mga taga lto lucena manghuli nmn kyo ng mga colurom jan,,,plssssssssssssss mga kotong ba kyo,wala kyo mga silbi,mag resign n lng kyo,okey,,,,hayyyyyyyyyy

  273. ging Says:

    maraming mga batang drivers ang masyadong bastos at arogante.. TWR 399 plate number ng jeep na nasakayan ko pauwi biyaheng cubao-angono. nagbayad na nga yun pasahero sinisingil pa sinabihang pang hindi pa nagbabayad bakit hihingi ng sukli. maraming pasaherong nakikita na nagbayad yung bata.. syang pang galit at biglang iniharurot ung jeep nia. sana maturuan ng leksyon

  274. EJ_21 Says:

    Sana magkaroon ng tugon ang hinain ng bawat nagbibiyahe. Alam namin na nagtatrabaho sila pero sana maging ma-ingat din sila sa pagtatakbo ng kanilang sasakyan. Sana rin meron isang ahensya na madaling lapitan o magbigay tugon sa mga hinain ng mga mananakay.

  275. John Says:

    Hi tanong ko lang po… Sa TOP mai naka indicate dun na violation na”OR/CR not carried…. Ibig sabihin b nun nasa dalawa lang ang dalhin? Like if OR lng walang CR , ma issuehan kaparin ba ng TOP?? Thanks!

  276. Angelo Raya Says:

    Ang trailer po ba na hihilahin ng SUV ay kailangan nka register sa LTO?
    Ano po ang mga requirements at mag kano aabutin ang pag-paparehistro?

  277. Ely Says:

    Good pm. Ask ko Lang po Kung ang plate number UGY 138 ay Toyota FX? Kc po ginagamit po nila sa pangloloko sa mga tao isa na po ako sa nabiktima nila. Ang modus po nila ay nagtitinda ng bigas na dinorado na bagong ani galing Mindoro, pero pag binuksan po ang sako ay expired na NFA Rice ang laman. Nagmamadali pagkabayad at pinipilit na bilihin ang isang kabang bigas. 1600 po ang kinukuha nila kada isang kaban bigas. Paki verify po ang plate number kung kanino po Ito. Para matigil n din po ang panloloko nila sa mga Tao. Salamat po.

  278. Ely Says:

    Good pm. Ask ko Lang po Kung ang plate number UGY 138 ay Toyota FX? Kc po ginagamit po nila sa pangloloko sa mga tao isa na po ako sa nabiktima nila. Ang modus po nila ay nagtitinda ng bigas na dinorado na bagong ani galing Mindoro, pero pag binuksan po ang sako ay expired na NFA Rice ang laman. Nagmamadali pagkabayad at pinipilit na bilihin ang isang kabang bigas. 1600 po ang kinukuha nila kada isang
    Kaban . Paki verify po ang plate number kung kanino po Ito. Para matigil n din po ang panloloko nila sa mga Tao. Salamat po

  279. benj Says:

    totoo po ba na hindi na ma register ang kahit anong rusi motor?
    f:taguig city

  280. benj Says:

    hindi na pwede?

  281. oliver Says:

    good day. need to know po. nahuli ako lto kawit sa cavite driving xpired licence and unregistered motor ngayon 2012.. nag-inquire ako sa lto sa mismo kawit gulat ko 4000 bayad sa motor at 478 para sa lisensya ko first offence ko palang.. ang masama pa yun motor kakabili ko palang nun araw n yun. any feeds naman po… gnun na po ba kamahal sa violation kpag hindi rehistrado ang motor… help…tnx

  282. Oliver Says:

    Dear LTO, I hope you could provide us updated vital information such as motor vehicle registration per region, per type etc. For this is a good indicator for investors to bring business in our country and improve our economic standing. Thanks.


    I’m a Belgian businessman..I will stay in Phils (MANILA)for several different periodes..
    I like tio buy a second hand carWhere can I get a licenseplate?What is the procedure?
    I have a Belgian international druverslicense.Can I use that in Phils?
    Eddy Baudewijns

  284. Billy Peace Says:

    i have renewed my licensed last july but til now i have not received my new license.. sabi nila sa office updating pa sa national office because of the typhoon sendong but six months na po ala pa rin akong natatanggap na notice po. what will i do.. please help…

  285. Renato Tamayo Says:

    Sir/madam, ofw po ako at kasalukuyan ay nagtatrabaho sa Riyadh,maaari ko po bang irenew ang Drivers license ko kahit wala ako sa Pilipinas sa pamamagitan ng aking authorized representative,at maaari po bang photo copy ng aking licensiya ang ipasa sa LTO dahil ang aking original ay nadala ko po dito sa Riyadh,salamat po.

  286. Floramae Ramirez Says:

    gud day mam! want to now if my father’s license is still active?? i want to know where i he now..thanks!

  287. Cedric Says:

    Good day sir/madam. Tanung ko lang po kung kailangan po ba talaga ng Certificate ng DTI sa ICC sticker ko sa helmet kasi po may mga traffic enforcer na nanghuhuli ng ganung case eventhough original po ung helmet na nabili katulad ko po na bumili ng helmet (LS2) with ICC sticker sa Motoworld. Sabi po kasi ng Motoworld nung humingi ako ng cerification “NO NEED” na daw po kasi sabi daw po ng DOTC/LTO. Hoping masagot nyo po yung tanung ko para malinawan po ako.

  288. ian Says:

    I just want to know if you can issue a certification on how long I had my driver’s license including the date it was first issued, if you’ve had your licence for less than three years.
    I will use the certification when I apply for license in Canada.

  289. donald diesta Says:

    dear sir ask ko lang po bumili ako ng brand new car sa davao. since na ang plate ko is for registration ….pwede po ba akong mag travel sa bicol for 20 days? …kailangan ko po ba ng special permit sa lto para maka byahe ako sa bicol …and if ever ng mag ask sa ang HPG may ma present ako na papers from lto davao….

  290. rico Says:

    Plano ko ho bumili ng motor, gusto ko ma check kung okay yong registration at expired na since 2009? Magkano din kung i register ko ulit ? Ito ho yong plate number UA 4168…

  291. Hernie A. Palomo Says:

    sana matulungan nyo ako ma update ang drivers license ko isang taon na at dalawang buwan na ang aplication ko pero until now wala pa ring result dahil nga dalawa daw ang license number ko sabi nga taga lto dito sa amin sa ipil, zamboanga sibugay at kailngan daw i request for system update RSU pero until now wala paring result masyado na na apektohan ang hanapbuhay ko sana matulungan ninyo ako..thanks

  292. andy Says:

    goooday po tanong ko lang kung saan pa pwedeng kumuha ng sticker para sa motor helmet ko?

  293. nestortitong jr Says:

    assec humihingi po kami ng inyong serbisyo na maverify ang adress ng naka sagasa sa aking pamangkin 5 years old boy ang plaka ng nakabangga ay MC 4333QX , kami po ay taga sitio maligaya 3 pacita 2 san pedro laguna … maraming salamat po ?

  294. Bert Says:

    Question ko lang po is kung pwede po ba mangkumpiska ng liscense ang isang trafic enforcer? Ang reason nya ay city ordinance daw po iyon may karapatan daw po sila mangumpiska at magreresign daw sya kung di totoo sinasabi nya. Pasig city po ang tinutukoy ko

  295. Jesmar Cabriles Says:

    TO LTO MANAGEMENT…Please kindly dont allow Mr. Raul Kahano Perez, d holder of a professional driver’s license (Lic.#H02-92-030004) to get another drivers license by declaring that he lost his old license by way of an affidavit. Last Jan.17, he bumped my new Fortuner service vehicle by his multicab minivan in my way home at Subangdako, Mandaue (near Hilton surplus) at about 5:30 in the afternoon. As a gesture that he will pay for the damages, he voluntarily gave his driver’s license to me. As of now, he never contacted me and I’m afraid that he will declare his license lost and file another one. I only ask him to pay Php 9,000 as our participation for our insurance of the vehicle out of Php 17,000 estimate of Toyota to repair the damage – Jesmar P. Cabriles (09328563014), Mabolo, Cebu City


    good day po ask ko lang po kung paano ko maipapa register sasakyan ko nakamanual pa daw po sabi sa LTO cabanatuan ,xerox lang po hawak ko na o.r.nawawala po c.r. eto po complete info about my car.TOYOTA PICK-UP,Motor no.12R-1869095,Chassis no.L620-A-34424,MV file no.1348-56077,Plate no.CBX-891.

  297. machete Says:

    totoo po ba na hindi daw po kayo nagrerelease or nagiissue ng plaka at sticker since nung august 2012 until ngayong taon??

  298. machete Says:

    tanung ko na din po ilang buwan po ba bago marealease sa office nyo ang plaka at rehistro ng motorsiklo pag cash na binili sa isang kumpanya ng motor? ganu po yung pinakamatagal na buwan na binibilang bago maibigay ang plaka at rehistro? salamat po

  299. aronbumbastiko Says:

    ask ko lng po’ 6yrs npo expired driver’s licence ko at nawala ang id card pero na saakin ang resibo pwede pa po b ako magrenew kahit nandito ako sa cagayan de oro? salamat po

  300. aronbumbastiko Says:

    6yrs expired licence at nawala card pero may resibo.pwede pb i renew even here at cagayan de oro.thanks po

  301. Joel F.Abangan Says:

    Sir bakit di marenew ng LTO Jaro ,Iloilo City Branch ang jeep ko. Dati kasing pampasehero ngayon gin drop ko sa LTFRB ng frnchise walang green plate yon noon ng gawin kong pampasahero sa Mindanao. galing ng Iloilo ang jeep ko gawa ng Joroshely motors pina register nila sa Guimbal di ko na nafollow up ang green plate nya na dapat ginawa ng binilhan ko. Ngayon na drop ang francise at may authority galing sa Tacurong City na pwede ipagawa ang improvise temp/plate no .base sa registration. ngayon ng dalhin ko sa Iloilo ang unit at iparestro ayaw nila tanggapin hanggang ngayon di pa naregister mula 2011 kaya malaking perwisyo at multa sa akin…ano ang aking gagawin. salamat po…Joel

  302. pam Says:

    yes you can get that certification in LTO main office. den for about a wik or two pick mo sya sa DFA (old) for the red ribbon. :)

  303. Lyn Says:

    Good day po..we need your help..yung sasakyan po ng tita ko na plate number zte 951 isuzu sportivo ay naipahot car na po nmin bkit naparegister pa rin nung taong nagtakas o nagnakaw nito?Hindi po ba ito nadedetect since nkafile po ito na hot car?

    thanks po

  304. ben bcasa Says:

    my nbblita po na s 2013 po b un plate ng mga bgo sskyan ay ggwin 3 alphabet at 2 numeric n lng. ppno po un ngavail ng special plate ng 3 alphabet n 2 numeric

  305. devon rossi Says:

    gud afternoon MAM/SIR irereport ko lng sana ang BAGONG patakaran dito LTO OFFICE MEYCAUAYAN CITY BULACAN.. ,sobrang higpit po kc ng bago nilang patakaran hindi po sila basta basta ng papasok ng tao sa loob mismo ng compound ng LTO at inoorasan po nila ang pagpasok ng mga tao sa loob ng government office.. .
    sana po maaksyunan ninyo agad ang ganitong patakaran nila…

  306. joseph angga Says:

    My plate number is QL. I want to know when exactly its going to expire.tnx

  307. ron ayers Says:

    ask ko lang kung available na po ba yung 2013 sticker?

  308. makoy Says:

    sir/mam . Nawala po yung student license ko at this coming week po sana kukuha na ko ng non-pro.. pano po ang gagawin ko? Please po i need answers huhu

  309. jayden Says:

    sir gusto q po malaman yung may ari ng kotse na itim na may plate no. na xpp 177, naatrasan kasi ang kotse ko.nagkagasgas.tinakasan ako.wala ba kong habol.i need to talk to the owner of that car.

  310. jorimar delizo Says:

    magkano po ang penalty pag walang side mirror?

  311. albert mamino Says:

    sir dito po sa Mayapa Calamba city ay napakamaming motor na may maiingay na tambutso di po bawal ito.bakit hindi po yata ito hinuhuli dito sa aming lugar. sa gabi ay nag iipon ipon minsan nag kakarera pa loob po kasi ng lordes street duon my mekaniko(jacob) na nag gagawa ng maingay na tambutso.
    sana po ay matugunan nyo itong aking reklamo

  312. Rodel Says:

    Gud day Sir/Ma’am,
    My concerns are regarding the driving licenses issued by lto. First, student permit? Into what extent this permit will be use by someone who has it bec. Law enforcers doesnt agree that some has it are allowed to drive w/o accompanied by license person? Second is the license person who accompanied driving should be of what? Non-pro? Or Pro only? It doesnt give a clear rules regarding these, please review your rules so that we are guided accordingly. Lastly, what is a non-pro driver should drive and accompanied? And a Proffesional license do aside that a non-pro are not allowed to drive for public vehicle. Municipal jurisdiction with regards to motorized driving violation how is it differ with lto if any? Are their rules governing the motorist violation are legal? In what aspect? It is very intriguing as to where rules are being follows.
    Thank You!

  313. nino ampit Says:

    sir, gud day, bumili po ako ng motor cash, ilang buwan po ba makuha yung plate number.
    dito po yun sa mindanaoagusan del sur.

  314. HISUKA Says:


  315. Maye Goldah Says:

    Hi. I just wanted to report about the Land Transportation Office . .Philippines facebook page of what the admin were posting on the said site which greatly influence Filipinos mindset about the government as well as in our country. (e.g. Give the governance to US and the movement to let China rule our country. Isn’t that alarming that such trusted page is posting like those negative thoughts about our country? I hope someone could give her/his a lesson. Thank you.

  316. Daniel Says:

    What happened this time with the licence stickers? Still waiting.

  317. Daniel Says:

    What happened to the licence stickers?

  318. rheyn alejado Says:

    Good morning sir,

    Tanong ko lang if may mga 2012 sticker po ba kayong nairelease sa mga jeepneys na hindi ninyo nairelease sa computer generated system ninyo? Iyan po kasi ang sinasabing reason ng LTO namin dito sa marinduque kaya hindi raw po maiprocess ang 2013 registration ng jeep namin dahil hindi daw po nairelease sa system ang 2012 sticker ng jeep namin. Laking abala po at hindi na maibyahe ang jeep namin. Sabi nila nasa LTO Central Office daw ang problem. Thanks po.

  319. dixon alix Says:

    keLan po mag kakaroon ng sticker ang LTO sa kawit?nagparehistro po kasi ako ng motor waLa daw po siLang sticker since january pa!.

  320. Donzz Says:

    Hi po Ma verify ang isang professional license kung fake or genuine?

  321. jaypee esguerra Says:

    Gud day po sir, maam. Isa po aqng ofw, tanong ko lng kung pede pa renew un student license q. Maeexpired po sa august 8. Kaso bka august 10 or 11 aq dumating ng pinas.. tnx po…

  322. syril babelone Says:


  323. syril babelone Says:


  324. mavell Says:

    Hi good am! Tanong ko lang po regarding sa registration. Nagpalit kasi ng bagong engine yung van na nabili namin na nakaregister sa lto tarlac. Actually pumunta na ang parents ko last month sa LTO tarlac from Las pinas pa kami para lang maayos na yung papeles. According sa officer na nakausap namin ipapadala nalang nila tru lbc yung mga papeles once na naayos na. This week nag text yung officer na nakausap nila sa tarlac. Hindi pa daw nag rerenew ng accreditation yung dealer na binilan namin ng bagong makina. Pinapa punta ulit ng officer yung parents ko sa tarlac. My question is bakit pa kelangan yung parents ko ang pumunta ulit ng tarlac kung ang may problema na is yung dealer na binilhan namin? To think na wala naman samin yung mga documents ng dealer na kelangan nila. Kumpleto naman na yung mga papeles na iniwan namin sa LTO Tarlac and nagiwan na din ng pang LBC para di hassle ang pabalik balik sa tarlac. Di po ba dapat dealer na ang kinokontak nila regarding dito? And kung may mga documents na kelangan pede naman siguro scan yung documents tru email para di ganun ka hassle? We need advice regarding this matter. Thanks and GB….

  325. mario Says:

    just to inquire the van for hire in cebiu if it is below 2010 model,LTO will not be renew its registration papers.

  326. Cherie Maligaya Says:

    Gusto ko Lang ireport itong Plate no. ng Jeep n ito (TWM 959)yellow plate.
    naghatid ako s pier, para makamura sumakay ako s prier(manila port terminal)byaheng quipo/sta.cruz nakalagay s jeep. Habang naka-stop un jeep dahil nagpupuno p ng pasahero nagbayad ako ng 20pesos d agad binalik ang sukli. after mapuno un jeep pinaandar n nya agad taz may tagasingil n matanda at ang sabi ay 30pesos ang isa. ibinalik ni manong driver ang 20pesos ko at kulang daw ang bayad ko. sbi ko bakit ganun sana sinabi nila n ganon ang bayad. parang nagholdap naman cla. pano naman ung mga taong sakto lang ang pamasahe. sapilitan p cla maningil ng 30pesos. sana po mabigyan ng pansin un mga taong abusado at mapang lamang s kapwa. kawawa naman ang mga pasaherong mabibiktima nila.

  327. dondon Says:

    good day…ask ko lng kung panu ako makakakuha ng certificate of driving po kahit wala ako sa pilipinas…kailangan ko po kasi para makakuha ako ng drivers license ko d2 sa canada…bagong renew lng ksi ang license ko jan sa pilipinas nang dumating ako d2. kaya lumalabas na wla pa akong dalawang taon nagdadrive kasi naka date nung nagrenew ako december 2012 ang date. pero pang 2 beses na po ako ng renew means i have 6 yrs in driving experience po…im looking forward for your quick responce

  328. BOYET BAGUIO Says:

    walang kwenta to hindi man lang sumagot ang taga lto dito kaya stop comment na kayo

  329. razzls Says:

    gud day po mam ,ask ko lang po ung multicab namin bgo po naming binili secondhand na tapos pinagawa namin kc sira na ung makina nya kaso ung engine # nya mali ung sa makina f6a tapos sa rehstro f5a anu po gagawin namin wala po kaming alam sa mga ganyan.tapos nung nalaman pa namin ung eng
    ine # nya nabura na tapos pinagawa namin sa nalalaman naming pwding gumawa,tapos nalaman namin mali pala,pls po 2lungan nyo po kami

  330. markabthonyjavier Says:

    mam sir tanong ko lng po magkano po ba magagastos ko sa rehistro ng motor ko ksi 3 yrs ko na sya hnd na pa rehistro peo hulogan po yung 2nd hand po magkano po tnx

  331. Sumika yasumoto Says:

    Dear sir,

    I am Japanese Korean live in Manila now.
    I have a Japanese driver license is translated into English
    at embassy of Japan.
    I want to have a Filipino driver license so
    How could I get it? Please let me know the detail.

    Sincerely yours,

    Sumika yasumoto

  332. Ferdinand rosario Says:

    Does RC 2 license holders can drive an automatic transmission vehicles?

  333. Antonio ortaleza Says:

    Pls help me i bought a car without any notice that the cr was only photo copy and was named by a company what will i do to make things right because the car was finance by rcbc bank to the company which is the first owner. The problem is the company is close and i only have or and a photo copy of cr. How to get a new copy of cr.

  334. arjay Says:

    Samantala nais kong bigyang pansin at tuloy iparating kay Land Transportation Office chief, Assistant Secretary Virgie Torres ang reklamo at hinaing ng mga motorista na nagparehistro at kumukuha ng LTO sticker sa district office sa Balayan, Batangas na ayon sa kanila ay wala silang makuhang sticker kahit na matagal na silang nagparehistro.

    Idinadahilan ng mga taga Balayan LTO distrct office na ‘out-of-stock’ ang sticker nila, pero ayon sa mga motoristang nagpapa-rehistro ay may sticker naman umano kaya lang ay sa mga piling kliyente nila ini-isyu ang mga iyon.

    Ayon sa mga nagre-reklamong motorista hindi totoong walang sticker ang Balayan district office ng LTO, dahil ayon sa ibang disrict office ng LTO sa Batangas ay kumpleto sila ng mga sticker, kaya lang sa kaso ng Balayan district office ay isinusubi umano ng isang mataas na opisyal doon ang mga LTO stickers para sa kliyente ng dating isang mataas ding opisyal ng LTO doon.

    Ang dating mataas na opisyal umano ng LTO sa Balayan, ayon sa aking mga espiya doon, ay nag-aahente na lang ngayon sa isang ‘insurance company’ at para masiguro niya na sa kanya lalapit ang mga motorista para mag-renew ng rehistro ay sinisiguro nito na makakakuha agad ng sticker ang mga ito kapag sa kanya lumapit upang magprehistro.

    Ang mga sticker umano sa Balayan district office ng LTO ay inire-reserba ng kasalukuyang mataas na opisyal ng LTO sa lugar para sa dating LTO opisyal na “malapit-na-malapit” nitong “kaibigan”.

    Kaya suma tutal, maraming motorista umano na nagpa-rehistro ng personal simula pa nuong Enero ng kasalukuyang taong ang hindi pa umano nakakakuha ng sticker hanggang sa kasalukuyan. Ito ay kabaligtaran ng mga lumapit sa dating mataas na opisyal na agad nakalakuha ng sticker kapag sa kanya idinaaan ang pagpaparehstro.

    Sana ay bigyang pansin ni LTO chief, Assec. Torres ang reklamo ng mga motoristang nagpaparehistro sa Balayan LTO district office o kahit sa kanilang regional director sa Batangas.

    *** pakibigyan pansin po

  335. jayson guerrero Says:

    tanung ko lang po kung pagka rehistro mismo ng araw n pinarehistro. un vehicle
    kinabukasan pede n po kgad un i verify s text hotline nio po un.

  336. technics Says:

    Gd evening maam & sir.. tinatawagan namin ng panzin ang mga LTO na madistino araw araw d2 sa baranggay sagaba sto. domingo nueva ecija. sitahin nio lahat ng mga sasakyan lalo na ang motor, napakadami ng walang registro dito, dinadaanan lang ang mga pulis na nakatayo sa kanto ng sto. domingo central paaralan ng elementerya, at sana ay maging alerto at wag madaan sa kakilala ang mga nag mamaneho dito, sa madaling salita ay (lagay) lalong lalo na ang mga nag mamanehong lasing o naka inom. napakadami dito sa barangay sto.domingo nueva ecija. maaksiyunan nio po sana ang aking hiling.

  337. ruby Says:

    hello po! Ask lng po sana aq regarding sa license ko nawala po kasi dito sa canada na.. tas napagawa ko na po lahat pero ayaw padin aq bigyan plastik license …kailangan po kasi dito para mgka license aq sa canada..

  338. marven bantilan Says:

    gud day po. ask ko lang po kung saan makakuha ng copy ng certificate of registration? ysa cavite po naka-register pero dito po kami sa antipolo ngayon. thanks po

  339. mike Says:

    Sir/madam, ofw po ako at kasalukuyan ay nagtatrabaho sa Riyadh,maaari ko po bang irenew ang Drivers license ko kahit wala ako sa Pilipinas sa pamamagitan ng aking authorized representative,at maaari po bang photo copy ng aking licensiya ang ipasa sa LTO dahil ang aking original ay nadala ko po dito sa Riyadh,salamat po.expired po nung july 2.

  340. carlo perez Says:


    I planning to buy a are and a found one already. The car is a Toyota Corola XE 1996 model. How can I check if that car is an Ex-taxi?

    Carlo Perez.

  341. rene puno Says:

    Good day sir/mam, gusto q lng po itanong kung magkano ang multa kapag n huli n student permit ang lesinsya. Nahuli ho kc ung anak ko sa tanauan,batangas. Kinuha daw ho ang kanyang plate no. ng motor.Nagpunta ho ang anak ko para tubusin ang plaka at yung student permit nya sa LTO Lipa. Ang hinihingi ho bayad ay 2000+. Tama ho ba yung halaga na hinihingi nila. Sana po ay masagot nyo ang aking ktanungan. Salamat po.

  342. Diana Goldsberg Says:

    Hi coding ko sa monday sept 23. And kylngan tlga namin ung sasakyan that day. Christening ng baby ko at bday ng husband ko. Makati ung location nmin and makati din celebration. Can i request for consideration. Do i have to pay something r letter thanks

  343. Ana Liza M. Cordovales Says:

    Kailan po ba marerelease ang mga bagong plaka?

  344. Charles Says:

    need ko po kumuha student lisence. ask ko lng po kung bukas ba LTO muntinlupa kapag weekends? kasi nag wowork po ako ngayon, no time kapag weekdays..

  345. raymund buenaventura Says:

    Tanong lang po. Nawalan ako ng plate no. Nung ngpunta ako s LTO domingo santiago kelangan daw puntahan ko ung LTO kung san na-issue yung c.r. pano ba malalaman un nka lagay b s c.r. yun? Yung nka lgay lng dun district office 0364

  346. Neapmar cabrera Says:

    Hi sir’ madam, i would like to ask you regarding the qualification as a traffic inforcer or else stuff of the office in your department.. My credential are office management and secretarial, I just want to know if how to belong in your department ,, pls give me a positive reaction if ever am qualified… I’m living in davao city.. Thank you and more power!!

  347. jhon Says:

    LTO Pila Laguna, Fixer/scam.
    >pag nag take ka ng exam for new non professional license hihingan ka ng P400 then ung mag bibitbit ng papel mo (unknown if employee ng LTO) pabalik sa LTO eh kukunan kapa ng 150 para daw idederetcho na nya kay BOSS. A total of 550 additional.
    Dahil ba first time at wlang alam dapt ng sinasamantala? Yung 400 ay kinuha mismo nung nag papa exam sa actual driving, holding A2 driving school receipts, at wala rin naman binigay na resibo. Sana maalis na yung taong yun sa LTO pra hind na makapam biktima. at dapat sabihan din ng LTO yung mga bagong nakuha ng Lisensya na wag ipapadala sa ibang tao yung papel nila,(application form, etc.)
    -Kumuha ako nung September 26 2013 so kung sino mang makaka find out na taga LTO, ayusin nyo nmn yung Mga ganyang manloloko/ magnanakaw.

  348. Ruthcel Gubalane Says:

    hi good day!

    tulungan nyo naman ako sa hayop ng konduktor na ito. ang mahal kng makasingil sa amin ng pamasehe. TORIL- PAUN 20.00 bawat isa.



  349. Alexi Says:

    Bakit po gnun kalaki maningil ang lto office sa pampanga. Nagkaroon po ksi ng violation asawa ko dhil hindi nya dala rehistro ng motor nya naticketan cya ng 270 pesos at kinuha license nya cguro mga 4months lumipas kanina l lang nya tutubusin pro bakit 4000 na ang ibabayad grabe naman.
    Sana matulungan nyo kami.

  350. Anna Says:

    Gusto ko po malaman kung magkano aabutin pag nag pa-change sa registration dating taxi, pero gagawing kong private car. Pwede po ba ito mapapalitan ng kulay? Magkano po kaya aabutin lahat?

  351. Mariel Salita Says:


    Good Morning.

    Irereklamo ko lang ang koduktor ng Bus na may plate number UVU 858. Nagmukha pa ako sinungaling sa harap ng ibang pasahero dahil hiningi ko ang sukli sa ibinayad ko na 100 pesos ko. Hindi nya ako binigyan ng ticket dahil sabi nya wala pa daw sya barya at dahil mag 5:30 palang ng umaga, sa dulo ako nakaupo matagal nya ako bago binalikan at pagkatapos kinukuha nya ulit sakin ang pera na naibigay ko sa kanya tapos umalis nanaman.. nung nakita ko na nagpapalit ang isang pasahero sa may harap ng buo niyang 500 pesos ibinigay ng kundoktor na to puro tig 100 daan… malapit na ako bumaba tsaka lang sya bumalik sa pwesto ko nung hinihingi ko na, sabi ba naman wala daw sya barya gusto ko na talagang saktan yung kundoktor na yun… sabi nung isang pasahero kunin mu yung sukli mu sayang yon.. ano naman magagawa ko nasa babaan na ako eh.. mamaya dahil pa ako sa malayo nun.. sana masuspinde yun lang nakakainis kasi..

  352. gaylord tabali Says:

    pls verify the license plate no.. XCY 973 honda crv 2005 if registered not hot car…tnx

  353. mhay reyes Says:

    aksyunan u nga ang bus ng erjohn & almark plate no.tyr630 route:alabang-
    lawton via las pinas lecheng bus yan parang taxi namimili ng pasahero.

  354. maribeth Says:

    hi po ask ko lang po bakit ganun mga LTO nahuli ka sasabihin sayo yung backride wala icc tapos duon sa papel na binigay cr/or not credited tapos pagpunta sa office para kunin yung lincense sabi daw dapat dala yung rehistro tapos sinabi yung price magkano babayaran nmin 230 lang pag dating duon ang laki ng singil sa amin tapos yung rehistro ng motor paso pero di man tinignan yung papel nmin tsaka yung binigay na yung plate number ko malapit na maexpired ano ba yan sila dapat yung kailan ko kinuha yung motor dapat after 3 months nanjan na tapos pag bigay ng plate number maexexpired nah … tanong ko lang po pwedi ba mahistro yung motor tapos tsaka nmin kunin yunh lincense malaki paba babayayaran namin.?

  355. maribeth Says:

    sana po matulungan nyo po kami wala kami pera sa ganun grabe naghuhuli ng dito LTO sa tarlac… tapos ganun sila nakikiusap ka sila pa galit dapat ba ganun?

  356. maribeth Says:

    grabe talaga mga LTO di mo alam kung talaga LTO naka blue tshit sila sasabihin yung priced magkano yung babayaran mo syempre expect mo ganun lang babayaran mo tapos pagdating sa office ang laki di na lang naisip yun .. tulungan nyo po kami bakit ganun ?

  357. Bong Says:

    Question : How to get the International Drivers License that is allowed in Perth Australia?

  358. Alrey Reyes Says:

    Ok LNG po ba na ung mga nanghuhuli na LTO dito sa TAAL ay ndi nka mark vehicle,at parang mga tambay kung kumilos

  359. Kathlyn Lagamon Says:

    ganun din nangyari sa akon. bigla nlng may lumapit kunwari tutulong para mapadali. di na nga ako nakapag drive test. tapos nang exam na, may sagot na yung papel. eh na disappoint ako kasi alam ko naman paano sasagutin mga tanong doon. pagkatapos ng exam, pinapunta na ako sa may office sabi doon na lang hihintayin, para daw mapadali ng ilang oras lang. may hinala ako na na fixer ako. napaisip ako na ako nlng pupunta sa may cashier, kaso baka i hold nila kasi parang inside job at may agreement sa mga workers doon. before ako nag take ng exam, alam ko di aabot sa 1,500php yung babayaran kaya gulat ako ng hingan ako ng 3,500php. nakakainis tong mga mapagsamantala. sa susunod namag renew ako, kukunan ko ng video tingnan natin kng papalag sila!

  360. Jonathan Jupiter Says:

    Saan po pwedeng makakuha ng Driver certificate? Sabi po kasi ng iba sa main ( quezon city)pa po daw dapat kumuha ng dokumento na ito..

  361. yvonne Says:


    Sir, is it ur policy to all ur lto district officer/chief not to entertain or having conversation with any citizen inquiring lto transaction unless, the owner itself?)
    Saang policy galing yan, lalo na sa govt office? Para namang wala sa batas yan? May personal na interest ang mga ganyang officer. Paki tawagan nu nga ang officer sa lto bacolod na c Novero. Hndi marunong mag accommodate ng mga direct inquiries. Kaya bumabaha ang mga fixers (KUNO) gawa ng mga taga lto mismo ang fixer. Kasi kung may makkusap lng sana na matino sa mga empleado

  362. yvonne Says:

    Sana secretary of Lto, maging uniform kau sa mga personnel attitude policies nu. Nakakapagod na makipag transaction sa opisina na puno ng kalokohan. Ang alam ko, kung ano ang gawain ng mga empleado, yan ang reflection ng mga namumuno. Payag ba kau na ganyan ang tingin ng tao sa nu?pls lng paki xplain sa media ang tamang karapatan ng mga tax payer. Salamat po!

  363. joenel saracho Says:

    wtf 2 days na offline ang LTO puking inang ahensiya to

    matindi na kumutong palagi pang offline ang opisina nyo

    mga gunggong na namumuno

  364. rafael tadeo Says:

    anu po ba rules nyo sa mga 49cc motor and below..???like go ped ,,mo ped..road legal ba sila… and sa atv po..?? golf cart?..pwd ba sila iparehistro. panu kung sa japan surplus lng nabili..anu po ba pinaka mababa na speed o cc ng motor na pwd sa road na walang huli??

  365. Rosabelle Toledo Says:

    I would just like to know the requirements for change of Certificate of Registration in view of sale to another person. Thank you.

  366. Jerome Says:

    good afternoon po..i really need help..nawala po kasi ang plaka ng motor ko.kumuha na po ako ng affidavit of loss at pina blotter ko na rin po sa police..ano ang requirements sa pag report sa lto?at magkano po babayaran ko salamat po..

  367. Eric Says:

    Ask lng po kung magkano pa yellow plate ng motorcycle dito sa caloocan

  368. Eric Says:

    Kailangan po ba pag nagpa yellow plate sa motorcycle dito sa caloocan,isabay narin ang pag renew ng prankisa, kasi po yung prankisa namin is sa august 2014 pa ma expire, and magkano po kaya ang payellow plate, thanks po

  369. Toumatsu Says:

    ito after sulat Japanese po.
    d2 pinas LTO advice ko…..

    ???LTO QC??????????????????????????

    advice… ??????????????????

  370. ryan Says:

    magtatanong lang ako paano po mag file ng lost OR CR dahil po nawawala ang original copy thank you

  371. rolando ilustre Says:

    how to forward my certificate license in guam

  372. Wynna Vallespin Says:


    QUESTION: does senior citizen drivers needs to renew their license?

  373. Ronel Zablan Says:

    pacheck klng po itong plate no n ito if wlang case s lto kc bbilin ko po ung car nya (XCY 583) at malaman kng knino nka register ..salamat po

  374. Janine Says:

    Nawawala po yung CR ng sasakyan ko. Ilang linggo ko nang hinanap at hinalughog ko na rin buong bahay namin. Paano p ako makakakuha ng original copy ng CR? Magkano po magagastos? Salamat.

  375. janet Says:

    ask ko lang po sana how long does it take to confirm registration of a motorized vehicle and change classification from private to for hire?i submitted all nescessary requirements through lto laoag city before the lenten season and i gave an amount of 300 pesos to mail it to your office in La Union.

  376. Angelito Selorio Says:

    kapag kumuha ba ng from student to pro license, may bayad ba talaga exam? may babayaran ba rin na restriction code? kapag nag renew ng plate registration ng motorcycle na 4 stroke, may emission test pa ba talaga? bakit di pare-pereho bayad sa insurance?

  377. laurence Says:

    magandang araw po, tanong lang po bakit po nagbago ang proseso ng new registration lahat sa regional office pwde e transact? di po ba mas madali kong tulad pa rin ng dati ang proseso para mas madali at ma monitor po namin ang aming mga sales..para po sa akin mali po yang bagong paraan matagal na nga ang sticker at plate number ngayon matagal na nman ang new registration..sana ibalik na lang sa district lto office ang proseso ng new registration…thank you

  378. Michelle joy flores Says:

    Ask ko lang po pano ko po makukuha ung lisesya ko na nahuli nung 2008…

  379. Arman Says:

    bakit po ba bastos kausap sa phone yung lalake na tiga LTO Caloocan Branch.. kinakausap pa binabaan na agad ako ng phone.. kasama po ba yun sa services nyo?

  380. alberto Says:

    Gusto ko po bumili ng 2nd hand motorcycle w/sidecar. Ano pong mga papers ang dapat kong hanapin sa nagbebenta pra masiguro na legal ang pagkakabili ko.

  381. Kristel Supan Says:

    Hi, we lost the LTO sticker. What should we do? We have the receipt for it, its just the sticker that has been lost. How can we do replacement?

  382. Loisse Says:

    Tanong ko Lang po sana Kung ilang weeks po ba talaga inaabot pagka pina transfer hung OR at CR ng Kotse from Subic pa po ung Kotse kasi nag apply po Ako ng pa transfer sa Imus Cavite LTO 2 months na wala parin po. :( tapos Yung taga lakad po Puro paasa Lang 3days daw taz nag 1week taz 2weeks taz tumagal na wala parin po.sana po masagot nyo po Yung tanong ko. Salamat!

  383. Ann Says:

    Good Morning! Paki check naman po ang RORO trip ngaun umaga from Leyte overloaded po. CUL-Bus no: 0087

  384. paul jose Says:

    lahat ng lto na nanghuhuli dto sa cauayan city isabela ay mga nangongotong kahit wlng violation pinapara nila para huthutan ng pera at nang huhuli lng sila kpag malapit na ang bayaran ng tuition fee ng mga anak or mga chicks nila

  385. paul jose Says:

    mga buwaya sa daan ang mga LTO na yan mga dapat mawala na sila at mga pulis nlng ang manghuli sa mga violators hindi yan mga arogante at mayayabang na buwaha sa daan na lto

  386. Lilly Castro Says:

    my friend renewed his driver’s license just recently. upon checking in the computer system, he was instructed to go to MMDA office in guadalupe, makati because it showed that he has a record of a ticket for driving violations issued to him. how can that be when his license is still with him and he has never been to that place where they said he has violated a traffic regulation?

    he had to pay P650 to clear up his name, pay P30 for certification and even had to rent a pants for P50.00 which was so handy and in front of the MMDA office since shorts is not allowed inside!

    please take a look on this as his case is not alone. there are 3 other drivers crying foul that day and others they know are yet to come to MMDA office too.

    thank you for your prompt action.

  387. Ruth Says:

    Pwede po bang magsakay ng service ung mga van shuttle pag galing ng subdivision naman ung sakay nila? kasi sobra kaming nahihirapan sumakay gaya knina sobrang inis na inis mga tao sa aguilnaldo or sa Molino blvd sa bacoor kc sobrang late na kmi sa pinagtatrabahoan namin. hindi na kau naawa sa mga tao. pinatanggal nyo ung colorum di nman kau nagrerelease ng Yellow plate eh hindi nman kayang supurtahan ng mga UV express ung mga pasahero. nasaan ba ung daan na matuwid na sinasabi ni Pnoy? puro lang paasa sa mga sinasabi nya. pumirma xa ng di nya alam ung magging kahihinatnan ng mga tao. sobra na kayo. panu ung mga hanap buhay ng mga taong tinanggalan nyo ng panghanap buhay?

  388. vic Says:

    Ang sabi po sa LTO Pasig, kaylangan daw dun sa kanila ipagawa ang affidavit of loss plate at dun na rin mag mag file? Ang tanong ko po, sila lang ba ang meron Notario Publiko sa boung bansa?

  389. kix Says:

    Kailangan po ng frame ng license plate dahil mahipan lang ng hangin wasak na. Based from experience

  390. bosing Says:

    Bakit po ang bagong plaka ninyo na pinagmamalaki ay hind makita sa LTO Database System ninyo? Bakit din po DITO LANG SA MAYNILA meron nito?

  391. Nerinisa Carpio Says:

    hi!i have some questions..
    pwede ko ba gamitin yun sasakyan na registered sa Australia jan sa Philippines?
    tapos kung iiwan ko yun car sa Philippines ano mga requirements right hand drive yun car,,thanks,,sana makaresponse kayo agad..God bless!!

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